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The HP Products 9880 Vacuum may be small, but it’s the best central vacuum for homes that share its small stature. Despite a compact size, it comes decked out with a bevvy of accessories for all your cleaning needs. And when in use, you can take advantage of 100CFM flow rate. Get more great recommendations with this best vacuum cleaner list.

Why We Like It – HP Products 9880 Vacuum

Compact, lightweight, and portable, the HP Products 9880 Vacuum comes with plenty of necessary accessories, all while operating at a modest 100CFM flow rate.

  • Includes more accessories than just hose
  • 100CFM flow rate
  • Can be mounted to walls
  • Uses bags
  • Small, 1-gallon gallon capacity


It’s surprising the amount of power that comes out of the compact HP Products 9880 Vacuum. Not as much as Allegro MU4500 Champion, but relatively good for its size. The voltage reaches 120, with 11.7 amps and a motor with an overload/overheat protector. It’s just a step above the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner in performance.

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Speed & Efficiency

If you’re in a big home, 100CFM doesn’t sound like much. You’ll be cleaning all day, if that were the case. But in a small home? 100CFM is relatively efficient—especially when you consider the additional tools offered, like a rug floor tool, 35-foot hose, upholstery tool, and more for expert levels of cleanliness.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Unfortunately, the 9880 Devil Central Vacuum Systems has a rather small capacity, only a single gallon. For small homes, a gallon isn’t much of an issue. On the bright side, it uses bags, which reduce the overall amount of maintenance required.

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The Products H P 9800 Vacuum is built to be a fairly durable machine, making use of an all-metal construction. In fact, Dirt Devil didn’t have to go that far, considering it can also be wall-mounted, reducing the chance of breaking or damaging the machine altogether.


If you’re someone with a small home, we can see where the HP Products 9880 Vacuum would provide the most value. It’s affordable—just $241—and it’s compact, which reduces the amount of real estate it takes in your already small home. But also consider this: you’ll be purchasing Dirt Devil CV1500 vacuum bags up frequently, and that can be costly over time. If you want a little more out of your central vacuum, grab a Prolux Vacuum.

HP Products 9880 Vacuum Wrap Up

The HP Products 9880 Vacuum is a solid workhorse for those living in small homes. It can be mounted to a wall, limiting the amount of space it takes. It has 100CFM flow rate, which stretches across its 35-foot hose. And you get a bunch of accessories right off the bat. If you can look past using bags, then snag this while you can.

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