HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The best laptop for Roblox doesn’t need the latest RTX graphics card to run. And as you can see, the HP Pavilion x360 is just rocking integrated GPU and runs the game just fine. The goal here is to provide one of the quickest ways to explore Roblox on a budget, which it accomplishes with flying colors. Its features are ideal to make it one of the best gaming laptops for beginners.

Why We Like It – HP Pavilion x360 Gaming

The HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Laptop is one of the quickest ways to dive into Roblox, both in terms of performance and pricing, with options for upgrading in the future.

  • Specs are comfortably above recommended requirements
  • One of the cheapest ways to play Roblox
  • RAM and storage are upgradeable
  • Poor viewing angles
  • 256GB of storage

Performance & Battery

With integrated graphics cards such as the Intel UHD Graphics 620 at the helm, supported by 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5-8250U, the HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Laptop lies comfortably above the recommended PC requirements for Roblox, at least on low to medium settings. However, you’ll likely be barred from enjoying huge hub worlds and FPS game modes. The Asus ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim runs far better and with a superior Intel Core i7 CPU, as does the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming Laptop. On the bright side, you can get nearly 14 hours of battery life. For an HP gaming laptop with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, and a 15.6″ FHD IPS display, open our HP Pavilion gaming laptop review.

Ports, Expandability & Build Quality

The HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Laptop is a bit cheap with its plastic build. Sturdy and lightweight, but still cheap, from the power button to the keys. Still, you can’t argue with a full HD 1080p resolution. However, viewing angles are rather narrow, so sitting at a comfortable angle won’t be enjoyable. In addition to Wi Fi, along the right and left side are USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1, two USB 3.1 Gen 1, HDMI, and audio jack. Both the storage and RAM can be upgraded, up to 16GB of RAM. For a top-of-the-line laptop with 4K UHD display, 1TB SSD, a stylus, and so much more, read our HP Spectre X360 GTX 1050 TI review.


Considering the HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Laptop is wielding an Intel Core i5 and Intel UHD Graphics 620, it has exceeded the recommended requirements to run Roblox. And the best part: it’s just $626! This presents one of the quickest ways to enjoy Roblox, and since it’s a 2-in-1, it also doubles as an excellent tool for schooling or extra curricular activity. But if Roblox isn’t enough, and you want to venture into other territory, you’ll want an Asus ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim or Lenovo L340 i5.

HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Wrap Up

As long as you aren’t sitting at awkward angles, you’ll hardly notice the poor viewing angles on the HP Pavilion x360 Gaming Laptop. It’s the storage space you’ll notice first, which is upgradeable. It would be a crime to ignore this option if you’re on the hunt for a budget laptop for your child; it’s one of the cheapest ways to jump into Roblox.

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