What is the HP Pavilion Warranty?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When looking at various insurance plans, you may want to learn about the HP Pavilion warranty. When you purchase a Pavilion laptop from HP, you also get a limited manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for one year, which is pretty standard in the laptop space. These manufacturers’ warranties handle basic manufacturing errors, similar to an Xbox warranty.


  • HP offers a fairly standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing any new laptop, including Pavilion product models.
  • This is a manufacturer’s warranty, so it only covers issues related to defective materials and shoddy workmanship.
  • For beefier coverage, look into an HP Care Packs or go with a third-party insurer in addition to the standard warranty.

Does HP Offer a Pavilion Warranty?

Yes, HP offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty of one year when purchasing any new laptop, including any Pavilion model, which is similar to a Garmin watch warranty. This warranty only covers issues related to manufacturing errors, like faulty components and shoddy workmanship, which is just like a standard AT&T new phone warranty. For a longer lifespan and more coverage, you will have to look for some add-ons.

Insider Tip

Keep that receipt, both digital and physical copies, along with your warranty card and proof of purchase, just in case you need one down the line.

Tips to Extend HP Coverage

A one-year limited warranty is standard when it comes to laptops, but in an ideal world, you’ll own that laptop for at least four or five years. In other words, you’ll need more coverage for that time. Here are your options for extended warranties and insurance plans.

HP Care Pack

The company offers its own insurance and extended warranty portfolio that falls under the HP Care Pack moniker. The price depends on what laptop you are covering and what type of coverage you desire. HP offers a number of options within the Care Pack ecosystem, such as standard extended warranties, premium insurance protection plans, and more. You can buy into a Care Pack plan at the point of purchase or within 90 days of that original purchase. HP will usually ask for the full payment upfront, but some plans allow you to split it into bite-sized pieces.

Go With Third-Party Plans

There are numerous third-party insurers out there willing, ready, and able to cover your HP laptop or any other gadget. Companies like Akko, Asurion, and Best Buy offer multiple plans for extended warranty coverage and for legitimate insurance. These plans vary in price depending on what you are covering and the extent of the coverage. For instance, an insurance plan that handles accidental damage costs more than an extended warranty that only handles manufacturing defects. No matter what you choose, be sure to read the fine print of the document before signing anything.

STAT: HP was founded in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939 and initially produced a line of electronic test and measurement equipment. (source)

HP Warranty FAQs

How do you check the warranty on your HP laptop?

HP has a warranty check app installed on most laptops. Just keep your product model number handy and open up the app to check the warranty status.

How do I register for an HP warranty?

You automatically get the warranty when you make a purchase, no matter the product option. Just be sure to keep track of the product model and product serial.

Is HP insurance worth it?

Laptops are fragile, and a lot can go wrong with them that strain the benefits provided via your limited warranty. HP Care Packs offer standard insurance, extended warranty programs, and more. These plans offer replacement products in the case of a defective product, though they do not cover non-HP products.
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