If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This is a concept HP has honed to razor sharp perfection with their current crop of consumer level 23inch displays. Those elegant and debonair lines… That stunning almost volcanic glass-like finish… It’s all hot-smokin’ stuff and makes for a sought after display–for looks as much as performance.

So far, we have seen this proven housing and design on the 2311x with its vibrant WLED panel and the 2311gt 3D with its high performing 3D quality tightly crammed in a diminished price point. Today we lay our gaze upon the HP 2311xi wide angle IPS panel monitor. Let’s see how it handles our biz, games and Blu-Rays, shall we.

Again, the 2311xi enjoys the same skin-deep DNA of the aforementioned displays. The result is an equally stellar looking product. The midnight black bezel is obscenely smooth to the touch. Plus the rounded corners lend an air of stature and ostentation. It’s just as sexy–just as wafer-thin–and just as top-heavy as the previous two monitors, which sport this sharp construction and design. Just remember to keep it away from the edge of tables and desks.

Keep that in mind and setup is a snap. The HP 2311xi features a single HDMI, DVI and VGA. All are rear facing, so reaching and managing connections is hassle-free. As with previous models, this version too, I offers few ergonomic options. You cannot change the height or make adjustments at the base such as swiveling. So be ready with the MacGyver-style makeshift options or resting the thing atop old text books for added height.

But we’ve covered all this before. The new IPS panel is really why we’re in attendance for this one. I can tell you, it’s worth the cost of admission and beyond. For a couple of “C-notes” you can nab a display, which utilizes one of the most desired panel types on the market. In-line plane switching panels offer incredible performance, especially where the viewing angle is concerned. The HP 2311xi widens things out a bit with a 178 degree viewing angle. This is on par with HD televisions. That is simply amazing for the price.

Did I mention this is a fully HD ready display. The max resolution is 1900 x 1080 (aka 1080p) over HDMI or the DVI connections. With a 3million-to-1 dynamic contrast ratio users can expect deep blacks while the display maintains rich colors and accurate color reproduction. There is no backlight bleed. But the LED  backlight lends itself to other foibles outlined below. I should mention, HP has slathered on the antiglare coating. I can go either way with AG. Yet I know this is make or break for some buyers. If there is no direct sunlight hitting the display then anti-glare can enhance the level of blacks and contrast. I experienced no noticeable washing out of colors in movies or games–of which I played several. Plus text remained sharp and clear with crisp pop in text-based apps and surfing the internet.

Sadly, the HP is not a gamer’s dream window. It will suffice, but a dedicated gaming monitor should produce less noticeable streaking in fast-paced games like CoD and Tribes. These were the only major highly evident culprits. Tested games included, the vibrant and super fast Tribes Ascend, the frantic and graphically varied Battlefield 3 (B2K DLC), the wide, expansive and often system-intensive Day Z Mod of ARMA 2 and Batman Arkham City. Movies included an assortment of Blu-Rays from Avatar to Hellboy, to Harry Potter, Shrek, Tangled and Watchmen. Movie goers, however, will be elated.

Out of the box, the 2311xi was adequately calibrated to my taste. But the unit offers a rich and intuitive on-screen display to play with. It’s virtually identical to the ones offered in the previous models. You can fiddle with the normal features such as brightness, sharpness and contrast. But there are a number of presets for photos, movies, games and a setting for customizing the lot to your particular taste. It’s simple and easy to access through a series of four buttons on the bottom right of the bezel.

This hold true for the product itself. It’s simple, high performing and that price point means its remarkably easy to obtain.

Editor Rating:

[Rating: 4.5/5]


Bottom Line: The HP 2311xi is fantastic IPS panel monitor for an unbeatable price. Color accuracy is sharp, the unit looks great and its housing connection types in spades.



  • Rich vibrant performance
  • Looks immaculate
  • Plenty connections types
  • IPS panel provides wide viewing angle


  • Not ideal for some gaming
  • No ergonomic adjustment options

You can buy the HP 2311xi IPS Monitor at Amazon for $219.11

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  1. Thanks for the review Shawn. I’m about to pick one of these up on sale for $179.00. I would have loved a Dell UltraSharp but I prefer buying monitors in person and there are no UltraSharps available in my area.

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