How to Zoom in a Webcam

Updated: Feb 10, 2023 1:33 PM
how to zoom in webcam

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Webcams are an integral piece of modern life. Whatever your purpose, finding the best webcam can greatly enhance digital communication. But to take full advantage of a webcam, users need to understand the ins and outs of its settings. Because tinkering with settings is sometimes a hassle, we have a lot of helpful resources to make it straightforward. Below, we’ll show you how to zoom in on a webcam.


  • For PCs, zooming in your webcam’s video view is done by entering the camera app, locating the zoom button, and adjusting the settings.
  • Specific computer models, like MacBooks, can’t zoom on their default apps. But it’s possible to zoom on third-party video meeting platforms.
  • Only those with PCs running Windows 10 or 11 can access the zoom settings on the camera app.

Beyond this, if you’re interested in learning more about your webcam, keep in mind that our webcam related-content covers a broad spectrum. For beginners, we have articles explaining things like what an integrated webcam is. You can also learn how to use a webcam as a security camera. And if you want to check out some specific models, we have a great article comparing a Logitech 4k Pro vs a Brio webcam, or go straight to our Logitech Brio 4k webcam review.

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Users might need to update their computer’s webcam driver and operating system to get the zoom function to work.

How to Zoom in With Your Webcam

Knowing how to access the zoom function on your webcam settings is extremely useful for presenting in virtual meetings, live-streaming, or recording content. The zoom option is accessible and easy on the average PC built-in video device. All you need to do is know how to get to it.

How to Zoom in on a Windows 10 or 11 Webcam

STEP 1 Open the Camera App

In the start menu, type “Camera” into the search bar and click on the camera icon.

STEP 2 Allow Webcam Access

Open the webcam settings by pressing the gear icon. Next, open the “Related Settings” drop-down list and click “Privacy Settings.” Press “Yes” to open your privacy settings window. Scroll down and under “App Permissions,” click on the camera icon. Make sure that your camera app access is switched on.

STEP 3 Control Zoom Function

Return to the camera app and switch to video mode. There will be a zoom icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Clicking on that opens a bar that you can drag up and down to adjust the view. Drag the bar to adjust the video image until you achieve the desired video quality.


You can’t access the zoom function on a PC if your software is older than Windows 10.

STAT: About 1.4 billion computers are running on Windows 10 or 11 software. (source)

How to Zoom on a Webcam FAQs

Does Macbook’s built-in cam allow users to zoom in and out?

A Mac’s default photobooth app doesn’t allow users to zoom in and out. However, Mac owners can download a third-party app to get a zoom function.

Can you adjust the video lens in Zoom?

In all versions later than 4.0, Zoom meeting users can adjust the webcam view to zoom in and out.

How do you change the webcam within the camera app in Windows 10?

In the windows camera app, you can switch between your connected webcams by pressing the button on the top right corner. It looks like a camera with an arrow circling it.

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