How to Wrap Headphones in Embroidery Floss

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Updated February 11, 2023

If you are new to the land of personal audio, you may wonder how to wrap headphones in embroidery floss. The best headphones, after all, could benefit from this process. So what is embroidery floss, how do you wrap headphones in it, and why would you wrap headphones in it? Could wrapping them make them the nicest headphones for TV or not? Keep reading to find out.


  • Embroidery floss, or thread, is a decorative string that is great for wrapping around headphone wires and for making friendship bracelets.
  • In addition to adding some aesthetic diversity, this string prevents headphone cables from tangling.
  • The process is fairly simple but does take around 20 minutes to ensure you have a good wrap around the headphone cords or earbud cord.

What is Embroidery Floss?

Embroidery floss, or embroidery thread, is a decorative string that many audiophiles use for wrapping the cables of their headphones. This string is durable, colorful, and easy to wrap, and works for all headphones if you are learning how to wear on-ear headphones.

Why Wrap Headphones in Embroidery Floss?

The primary reason to wrap headphones in embroidery floss or string is for decorative purposes. This thread comes in all kinds of colors and designs, suiting the aesthetic tastes of nearly any consumer. The other important reason? Embroidery floss makes it more difficult for headphone wires to tangle up between uses, simplifying the listening experience. Of course, this is never an issue for wireless headphones, if you are wondering if it is safe to wear Bluetooth headphones.

Insider Tip

Embroidery floss is also a common material for use in making friendship bracelets, in addition to excelling as a decorating option for headphone cables.

How to Wrap Headphones With Embroidery Thread

Here are the steps to wrap your headphones with embroidery floss.


Divide the string into three equal lengths and place them surrounding the headphone wire. You are going to be enveloping this headphone wire later.


Cross one string over the other, then cross it under the third. Pull the thread through the created loop and push the knot up toward the top.


Continue this process ten to 15 more times, pushing the knot upward after each wrap.


If you want even more color variation, grab another color string and perform the same weaving action over the thread.


Keep wrapping until you get to one end of the headphones. Tie a double knot near the earpiece and trim off any loose string. This prevents the string from encountering your ear as you listen.


Now finish threading in the other direction, all the way until the headphone jack. Cut and tie the string in a double knot, removing any excess or loose string to keep things tidy. Enjoy your newly threaded headphones.


How to untangle headphone cords?

Tangled headphones or tangled earbuds are the worst. Untangle these items slowly and deliberately, taking your time to ensure a proper outcome.

How to decorate your headphones?

Decorate your headphones with nail polish or with embroidery string. There are many options, as cords with embroidery floss come in many different colors.

How to make tangle-free headphones?

Embroidery thread is your best bet here, but binder clips are a good way to keep headphones from tabling, as is keeping them in a case or on a flat surface when not in use.

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