How to Work a Standing Desk With a Stool

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you’ve been trying to dive into the world of standing desks, you may wonder how to work a standing desk with a stool. Some of the best standing desks, after all, are sit-stand hybrids that allow for the use of a stool while in the seated position. So why use a stool with a standing desk and how to do it? Keep reading to find out.


  • Stools are a great alternative to ergonomic chairs when you need to sit as they force the user to engage core muscle groups for proper posture.
  • If you have a sit-stand hybrid desk, you can easily adjust the height to match your seated form or standing form.
  • Try to choose an ergonomically designed desk stool with an anti-fatigue mat for maximum health benefits.

Why Use a Stool With a Standing Desk?

Experts suggest that you should not dive straight into using a standing desk for eight full hours each day, especially if you are just learning how to properly use a standing desk. In other words, you should sit at least some of the time as you become acclimated. To learn a little more about maximizing the benefits of your standing desk, check out our article on how long you should stand at a standing desk. If you have a sit-stand hybrid desk, a stool is a good way to rest your legs while still engaging your core, as stools lack any back support.

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Stretch and go for short walks at least every hour when working with a standing desk or even while in a chair.

How to Use a Standing Desk Work Area With a Stool

The process here will, of course, vary depending on the type of stool you have and the type of standing desk you are using. Of note, this will only work with a sit-stand desk, though the same ideas can be applied to a traditional desk while sitting on a stool. With that in mind, if you are curious about traditional desks that will work with a stool or you just aren’t ready to invest in a standing desk, you can check out the best little desks.


First of all, shop for the right stool. We recommend choosing an ergonomic design that allows you to shift your position in a way that is beneficial to your body. Ergonomic stools can be just as comfortable as ergonomic office chairs.


Become familiar with the mechanics of your sit-stand desk and how to change the height. Find the perfect and most comfortable height setting in both the standing position and the seated position. To maximize the benefits you can get from your desk, it is important to know how tall your standing desk should be.


Arrange the stool in front of your standing desk and your computer. Adjust the height of the standing desk so that you are at eye level with the computer monitor and that your hands are gently resting directly on top of your keyboard.


Try it out for 30 minutes and perform any minor necessary adjustments. Be sure to take a break to stretch and move around twice an hour or so. Investing in an anti-fatigue mat is also a good choice, but you’ll have to learn how to work ergonomic standing desk mats.


Are ergonomic stools comfortable to use with a standing desk?

Sure, ergonomic stools are a great alternative to desk chairs or regular office chairs. They allow you to stand easily, so you can engage in that full range of motion.

Is it better to sit on a stool or a chair?

Desk chairs, regular chairs, ergonomic chairs, and even stools all have their uses. Stools engage the core muscles, which is good, though they do not often boast an adjustable height and may not include a seat cushion.

How long should I sit on a stool?

There is no exact number here when it comes to stools or ergonomic chairs. Try to stretch and engage in a full range of motion every once in a while and avoid sitting for extended periods.

STAT: Studies* actually recommend that you work towards standing for two hours in the beginning and eventually build up to standing for four hours a day, alternating between sitting and standing. (source)

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