How to Work Standing Desk Exercise Equipment

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Updated August 30, 2022

Many employees have turned to standing desks to get more exercise throughout the day at their desk job, and they are looking for guidelines on how to work with standing desk exercise equipment. The best standing desks allow you to activate your muscles throughout the day simply by standing.

With that said, you’ll also want to know how to get the full benefits of ergonomics from a standing desk, as well as check out this new study which shows the benefits of standing desks vs sitting in chairs.


  • Under desk treadmills, desk bikes, and ellipticals help you stay active throughout the day.
  • You may want a moving adjustable height desk if you want to use an under-desk machine.
  • Some under desk treadmills are made so you can sit on them with an office chair when you need to.

However, if you want to take it a step further, you can add exercise equipment to your home or office. Most people in this situation turn to a treadmill desk, which can help improve mood, creativity, and productivity. Read on to find out how to put together and use treadmill desks. If you’re new to the traditional desk to standing desk subject, find out what is a standing desk.

How to Exercise at a Standing Desk

Brands specializing in exercise while working have introduced under-desk exercise equipment, including an under-desk elliptical machine, a desk bike, and an under-desk treadmill. Many of these products claim to improve your mood and decrease your stress, but they can be distracting if you try to go too fast or work out for a longer time than the design allows. If you want a version of a standing desk that requires exercise, check out how to work a standing desk crank.

Insider Tip

Try method one first because it can fix many related issues.

If you can’t purchase a treadmill desk or other expensive exercise equipment, like a desk bike, you can also do some stretches and lift weights while you work. The key to this process is still to increase your physical activity, balance, and standing during more time throughout the workday, so work with what you prefer, whether it’s a desk elliptical, weights, resistance, or core training for your body. You could also use resistance bands and balance boards to train your core instead of using a desk chair for most of the day. Increase your resistance levels and tension gradually.

Treadmill Set-Up

  • Time to Complete: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed:
    • Treadmill
    • Standing Desk
    • Screwdriver (for full treadmill)
  • Steps: 4


Select your desired treadmill design. You should consider using a walking treadmill instead of a running one for most office work. These devices allow you to select your desired rate, and you can set it at a lower speed to avoid focusing on running while you work according to your body. You will want an under desk treadmill or a treadmill with an adjustable desk with good reviews from other people.


Unbox your new treadmill once it arrives. Of course, you want to put the wheels down first, so pay attention to the appearance inside the box. Also, you probably want to have a friend or coworker set aside time to help you set the treadmill up because some of these devices are heavy.


Move your desk to sit over the treadmill or other piece of equipment. You can find the exact positions and ranges you want in the user’s manual for your new treadmill. Make sure you have it appropriately placed with enough space for your body before doing anything else with your desk. Keep in mind that you may want a movable desk with wheels so you can move it when you sit. Then, set up your display for your desired activities and achieve your fitness goals.


Plug the treadmill in and attach the control box and safety strap to the desk. If you use a regular treadmill, you will need to set up the control area with its bars and other components. You should still have a safety strap either way for any period of time you use your treadmill.


  • Time to Complete: 2 minutes plus walking time
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed:
    • Standing desk
    • Treadmill
  • Steps: 4


Turn on the treadmill. Make sure your treadmill is plugged into the wall, and the desk is stationary with the wheels locked if this applies. Again, you will need to wear the safety strap to prevent injury if you lose your balance or misstep.


Set your desired speed. Keep your pace low enough that the motion does not impair your work process. Some people find that walking slowly is best for them, but the ideal speed depends on you and your preferences.


Set the incline (optional.) If your treadmill has an incline option, you can use that to increase the strength of your workout without impeding your work. The treadmill should not wobble on the ground or anything like that, and you may need to get stabilizers.


Exercise for your desired session length before stopping the treadmill. Ideally, you won’t work all day while walking, so you should have a stool or chair to sit on the treadmill safely. You can find the specifications for acceptable chairs or stools in your user’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Some brands also support exercise balls or a balance ball chair.


Removing the plugs from the control panel sometimes causes more issues, so make sure you use the procedure described in your user manual.


Do under desk exercise machines work?

Under desk exercise machines help keep you active while you work, and some are made with excellent quality.

Does standing count as exercise at offices?

Standing is not considered exercise, but it uses more muscles than sitting and burns slightly more calories.

Can you lose weight with an under the desk bike?

You should lose weight with an under the desk bike if you use it throughout the day consistently over a long period of time.

STAT: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults need about 150 minutes of physical activity each week. (source)

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