How to Waterproof a DSLR Camera

Updated: Aug 31, 2023 9:01 AM
how to waterproof dslr camera

If you are new to the world of outdoor digital photos, you may want to learn how to waterproof a DSLR camera. Despite the fact that some of the best digital cameras are DSLR models, these cameras are not always waterproof, let alone water-resistant. So why learn how to waterproof the best DSLR cameras and what are the various methods to do so? First off, if you’re shooting photos in the rain, use common sense and protect your gear. Implement the use of waterproof bags and thick neoprene sleeves to transport equipment safely. It’s also a good idea to invest in a waterproof camera housing for lengthy rain sessions. You can also attach a lens hood to prevent raindrops on the lens and keep an umbrella handy to shade the camera when shooting. Finally, seek covered areas like porches to capture shots.


  • Most DSLR cameras are not waterproof at the point of purchase, though many offer a light amount of water resistance.
  • Keep your camera away from moisture to avoid overloading the electrical components and to ensure the image quality stays on point.
  • To waterproof your mirrorless camera or DSLR for underwater photography or wet conditions, invest in a camera rain cover, an umbrella, or dedicated underwater housing.

Why Waterproof DSLR Cameras?

The primary reason to waterproof a DSLR camera, or any camera, is to keep it safe and to avoid having to learn about DSLR lens repair. Once you find the right DSLR settings for outdoor photography, you should avoid moisture of all kinds, especially if you’re using the camera in our Nikon D5500 review. Some DSLR cameras are water-resistant to a certain extent, but none are waterproof, so you may have to learn where to donate a non-functional digital camera if you are not careful.

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Read your camera’s instructions to determine what water resistance level was built into the system.

In other words, you need a functional camera to use a great selfie light. Waterproof your DSLR so you can get going with that Olfi One Five Black review.

How to Make a DSLR Camera Waterproof

There are a few ways to adequately protect your investment from excessive moisture in all of its many forms.

Use a Waterproof Bag

Cameras are expensive, so always store your photography gear in a bag that is fully waterproof. Listen to the wording. Don’t fall for a water-resistant bag. Bring out the big guns and splurge on a waterproof bag.

Invest in Camera Rain Covers

Just like ponchos or umbrellas for humans, cameras integrate with rain covers to protect them from falling rain when in use. These covers are easy to install and affix over the camera’s body, so you can still take photos when the cover is on. Yay for cool shots of the rain.

Get a Waterproof Camera Housing

While most DSLR cameras are not waterproof on their own, many third-party companies are happy to sell you waterproof camera housings. These are basically sturdy cases that completely envelop the camera. Think of them like a smartphone case, as you can still use the camera when it is safely sitting inside the housing.

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Grab an Umbrella

When all else fails, keep an umbrella handy and bring it out at the first sign of rain or related moisture. This protects not only your pricy camera but also your clothes, hair, and everything else you carry.

Waterproof DSLR FAQs

What happens if my camera gets wet?

If your Canon EOS, Mark III, Mark IV, or other high-end DSLR gets wet, it could ruin the embedded electronics or damage the lens port, among other scenarios. Invest in a waterproof camera to conduct underwater photography.

Can you use a weather-sealed camera in the rain?

You can use a weather-sealed or waterproof camera in the rain, though make sure the lens and image sensor has a good view of the outside for taking photos. Underwater cameras may be best for this type of raw shooting.

Can a camera be repaired after water damage?

In some cases, repairs are possible if you act fast, though this is easier to do with some types, like mirrorless cameras and waterproof cameras. High-end DSLRs like the Mark III require immediate attention from a professional.

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