How to Use Your AT&T iPhone Data Plan with a Nexus 4 (how to)

If you’re like me you’re reading this post because you had an iPhone and decided to jump ship to the Nexus 4.  At this point your probably wondering if you made the right move and invested in Google’s latest handset.  Well, you can stop holding your breath – you did, and there is a resolve to the data fiasco which comes with transferring your AT&T iPhone’s microSIM to the Android 4.2 handset.

So to add a bit more context to the scenario – just in case you’re not familiar – the Nexus 4 is an unlocked phone.  That means you can drop in any compatible post or prepaid SIM card (microSIM) from your previous handset, restart the phone, and you’ll be able to make calls.  However, surfing the web, or streaming music sans WiFi connection takes a bit more juggling, at least in the case of AT&T, or more importantly in my case.

Last night I jumped in the BMW’s 5a I’m reviewing and attempted to stream Spotify music over the car’s Bluetooth enabled stereo system.  No dice, as I quickly discovered.  I tapped frustratingly at the Nexus 4’s screen, and swallowed a rather large lump in my throat that tasted an awful lot like regret.  Upon returning home I looked into the matter a bit further and found a variety of conflicting info in forums.  Some stated you can’t use your iPhone’s data plan with the Nexus 4, some said you had to go into the store and switch over, while others just reported that it just wasn’t viable unless you signed up for a new data plan all together. Neither of the aforementioned scenarios was an option for me, so my quest to resolve the matter continued.  As I further scoured the Net I happened upon a forum on Android Central stating that the feat was possible with a few simple steps.   I followed those steps and I’m happy to report I’m now happily surfing the web and listening to music on my Nexus 4 any where I roam, though it hasn’t been completely hiccup free (more testing to come).

Nevertheless, here are the steps necessary to activate data and MMS functionality on the Nexus 4 using an iPhone data plan.  In my case this worked on an iPhone unlimited data plan with 450 anytime minutes.

  1. Head to SETTINGS
  2. Below DATA USAGE click MORE
  3. On the following screen select MOBILE NETWORKS
  4. Next choose ACCESS POINT NAMES
  5. There you should see the default APN “ATT WAP”.
  6. Add a NEW APN from the menu option in the lower right corner of the screen as indicated by what looks like a colon (:)
  7. Name the APN how you’d like, but I followed the instruction to a tee just to be sure: AT&T HSPA+
  8. APN is PHONE
  10. PORT is NOT SET
  14. MMSC is
  15. MMS PROXY is
  16. MMS PORT is 80
  17. MCC is 310 (should be by default)
  18. MNC is 410 (should be by default)
  20. APN TYPE is default,supl,mms,hipri
  21. Finally, hit SAVE found in the save menu in the lower right corner of the screen
  22. I didn’t have to RESTART the Nexus 4, but it never hurts to do so – my data connection started immediately.

To test you’ll want to make sure your WiFi connection is disabled.  I downloaded’s app and achieved 10mbps down and 1mbps up in Santa Monica, CA, which by many accounts is pretty solid.  Let me know in the comments if this doesn’t work for you, or if your speeds are better or worse.

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  1. What is the difference between the iPhone data plan and the regular ‘Smartphone Data Plan’ for andriod and such?

    1. Hey Kane,
      I don’t believe there is one any longer. But at one time there was a specific iPhone Data plan and mine included unlimited data for a flat fee. As of now I’m using my iPhone’s data plan (grandfathered in) with my Nexus 4.

  2. hey, it didnt work for me for some reason. im in philadelphia. had been using an unlocked iphone 3 before getting the google nexus 4..can you help me please?

  3. Huh. I just tried these settings, and they worked, but I get crap speed. Using Speed Test I get 1-2 Mbps down, 0.67 up and HSPA+:15 is showing in the settings.

    On my T-Mobile Monthly 4G sim I get around 13-14 Mbps down, 2-4 Mbps up. I just wish the T-Mobile network was HSPA+ in more places here. I can go a couple floors down in a building and have no signal.

  4. Great post. I currently have an older AT&T unlimited data plan. If I switch to an android, follow your steps – will my data package be affected?

    1. Ecavalino, it’s difficult to say how AT&T will react. But I’d gander a guess that if you don’t tether like crazy, or at all, you should be fine since you’re not necessarily using any more data than you would if you were on your iPhone. I have the same $30/month plan as you, and so far so good, though I have yet to receive a monthly bill.

    2. if you have the “unlimited” data plan still att with let you keep is no matter what phone you have. I used to have the unlimited plan but changed to the mobile share with 3GB because after att started to slow internet it as so slow I couldn’t take it and changed data plans.

  5. Great post, thanks! I popped the sim out of my iphone 5 and used a nano-micro sim adapter. Phone worked but data didn’t. Your post saved me. 8mb upload and 1mb download, not nearly as good as lte but speed isn’t everything.

  6. Thanks for this post – I’ll be making the same switch when my N4 arrives around Christmas and might have to use your guide.

    1. Let me know if it does or doesn’t work. Some people are reporting an LTE connection, but that seems to be limited to areas with Band 4. I’m in LA and so far only HSPA+, but I’m not complaining.

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