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How To Use Wireless Earbuds

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If you are new to the world of personal audio, you may ask “how do you use wireless earbuds.” Some of the best headphones, after all, are wireless, with many designed as earbuds. So what steps should you take to successfully use wireless earphones? Keep reading to find out.


  • Wireless earbuds come in various sizes and designs, though they all lack a headphone jack and share several connection methods.
  • Start by making sure your earbuds fit correctly inside of your ear canal, switching out tips if necessary, and holding down the power button to connect.
  • You should also familiarize yourself with the included wireless technology, be it Bluetooth or another type of tech.

How to Hook Up Wireless Earbuds

Before you learn how to fix broken headphones or conduct other maintenance tasks, you need to learn how to hook up your wireless earbuds, such as the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1. Unfortunately, there are many different types of wireless earbuds out there, each with unique designs and installation procedures. In other words, learning how to wear behind-neck headphones and use them necessitates a different process than other types. With that in mind, here are some tips to get started with using wireless headphones, though you should also learn how to fix wireless earbuds as your next step.

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An approved carrying case for your earbuds can help keep them safe when you are not using them.

Tip 1 – Find the Right Fit

No matter if you are conducting a Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones review, or if you are just trying out cheap earbuds from the corner store, you need to find the right fit for your individual ear lobes and ear canals. Most wireless earbuds ship with a variety of tips, each with different sizes, to suit most consumers. However, if your ear canal falls outside of the normal range of sizes, you’ll have to rely on third-party ear tips. Find tips that fit so the earbuds are comfortable and don’t fall out during use.

Tip 2 – Connect to the Audio Source

Next, connect your wireless buds to your preferred audio source, be it a phone, a tablet, a stereo receiver, a record player, or anything else. Connect via the wireless technology embedded in your earbuds. In most cases, this is Bluetooth, so hold down the Bluetooth button to make your earbuds available and then connect by accessing the settings of your audio device. Don’t forget to unpair the devices when you are finished to save on battery life.

Tip 3 – Charge Between Uses

All wireless devices need charging after repeated uses, and earbuds are no exception. Make sure to plug your earbuds into a USB port or power outlet between uses. Wireless earbuds can last a long time between varies, but this varies depending on the battery. In other words, check the instructions and act accordingly.


How to wear wireless earbuds?

Wearing wireless headphones of any kind is fairly easy. Just make sure they fit comfortably and won’t fall out during exercise. You should also make sure they are within range of any electronic devices.

How to link wireless earbuds on Android?

To connect your wireless headphones to an Android device, head to the settings page and look for Bluetooth connections, scanning for a list of connectable electronic devices. This is the same process for any pair of earbuds or pair of headphones, even if they are on-ear headphones.

How to better use AirPods on a Mac?

No matter if you are using AirPods Pro earbuds to make phone calls, or to access apps and games, using them properly is paramount. Keep them charged and press the power button on the AirPods Pro earbuds to connect them to your phone.

STAT: Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which has more than 35,000 member companies in the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, and consumer electronics. (source)

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