How to Use a VPN on Apple TV

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Updated February 10, 2023

If you’re considering a top-tier VPN, you should learn how to use a VPN on Apple TV. A VPN provider encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address from hackers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Additionally, a VPN connection lets you bypass Internet censorship and watch region-locked content on streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Channel 4. So, stick around to learn how to use a VPN on Apple TV and access geo-blocked video content in privacy.


  • Access your VPN’s DNS server IP address for the region you want to spoof on the Apple TV.
  • Change your iTunes Store Location to your desired server location.
  • Set your internet connection DNS to Manual, and input the provided VPN DNS IP address.
  • Restart the Apple TV to finalize your changes.

How to Connect an Apple TV to a VPN

A VPN connection is a powerful tool for private internet access on public networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. For example, using a top-tier VPN for Android will protect your internet traffic on unsecured mobile hotspots. While you cannot install a VPN client directly on your Apple TV, you can change a few configuration settings to connect to a VPN server.

Insider Tip

Choose a VPN service provider with enough simultaneous connections for device coverage for all network users.

Just remember, some users suffer from slower connection speeds with a VPN, so you should learn how to turn off a VPN on iPhone, TV, or other devices while on a private network if you have this issue.

If you do not own streaming devices, you can also set up a VPN on a TV or learn how to use a VPN on PS4. That said, consider learning how to set up a site-to-site VPN if you want to combine server locations with multiple connected devices on a business network.

STEP 1 Get Your VPN DNS Server

Most VPN providers offer a Smart DNS feature to spoof your server location. You can find the specific DNS IP address that links to the region you want the Apple TV. For example, users wanting access to streaming services in the UK should find the DNS server in that region.

STEP 2 Go to Apple TV General Settings

Use the Apple TV remote to navigate to the Apple TV General Settings and access the Language and Region section.

STEP 3 Change Your iTunes Store Location

Set the iTunes Store Location to the location of the VPN DNS server from Step 1. Following the example from Step 1, you would set your iTunes Store Location to the UK if you want to watch streaming services from England.

STEP 4 Go to Apple TV Network Settings

Navigate to the Network Settings, and select your connection method. Select Wi-Fi for a wireless connection or a wired connection if you use Ethernet.

STEP 5 Configure the DNS Settings

Next, select Configure DNS and change it from Automatic to Manual. Enter the provided VPN DNS server IP and select Done.

STEP 6 Restart the Apple TV

Restart your Apple TV to finalize the new VPN connection.


While VPNs are an excellent choice for unsecured wireless connections, they do not offer anonymous online activities on registered accounts like email or social media.

STAT: A 2021 Pew Research Center poll showed that 40% of Americans making $75K or more per year reported being online almost constantly. (source)

How to Use a VPN on Apple TV FAQs

What is a virtual router?

A virtual router is a software-based internet router that connects devices to the web. A Wi-Fi hotspot connection from a laptop or mobile device is a virtual router.

Should I use free VPN software?

There are numerous free VPNs on the market, but most have limited server locations and data caps. Experts recommend premium VPN providers for the additional features and security benefits over free options.

Are VPNs legal?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are legal in all US states and territories. Additionally, no laws prohibit accessing geo-restricted online content like Netflix or BBC.
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