How to Use Two Mice on One Computer

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Updated November 15, 2022

If you are new to the world of computer accessories, you may wonder how to use two mice on one computer. Even the best computer mouse could occasionally use a friend to navigate a desktop. So why use two mice with one computer, and what are the various ways to get it done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Using extra mice on the same computer offers unique control methods for gaming and creative projects.
  • This is typically easy to do by plugging both mice into available ports or connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • You can also use dedicated USB device hubs, dongles, and input device receivers that have been purpose-built for this task.

Why Use Two Mice With One Computer?

After learning the definition of a wireless mouse, you may wonder about using multiple mice on a single computer. This is a more complicated process than learning how to use a mouse with a dongle, but it is a worthy pursuit. Having two mice connected at the same time allows more than one person to use the computer, which is useful after learning the definition of a 2.4GHz mouse.

Insider Tip

Keep your mice charged so they both will be ready to go when you need them for gaming or creative pursuits.

The two mice can also be paired with two keyboards, making for unique gaming and creative opportunities even if you are still learning why your mouse light is on when the computer is off.

How to Have Two Mice on One Computer

There is no universal solution here, as it depends on your computing setup and what kind of connections you are making. With that said, here are some common methods to get this done.

Plug and Play

The easiest method is to plug both mice into available USB ports or connect both wirelessly via Bluetooth. A standard Bluetooth connection will accept multiple simultaneous connections, so you are covered in that respect. Similarly, USB ports will take whatever plugs into them. There are some risks here with signal interference, especially when connecting via Bluetooth. Additionally, using up two USB ports is a big deal when you are using a computer that only has three to choose from. This is not a perfect solution, but it is the easiest.

STAT: The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968. (source)

Use a Dongle or Receiver

There are many ways to use a dongle, hub, or receiver to make it easier to use multiple mice at the same time. Some companies like Logitech manufacture dedicated receivers for the express purpose of plugging in multiple mice and keyboards for simultaneous use. Additionally, you can use a standard hub or dongle to up the number of USB ports, so your mice won’t hog them all up. These hubs also increase the number of other connection ports like USB-C, Thunderbolt, and more.

Two Mice FAQs

Can you add a virtual mouse to your computer?

One way to add another mouse is to go virtual. This will not be your primary mouse or the main active mouse, but this is a good way to incorporate a secondary mouse or separate mouse into your workflow.

What are the benefits of having two mice?

The benefit of plugging in two wireless mice is versatility, as each person with access to a mouse will be able to control things on their own, even if they don’t always get a separate cursor or mouse button.

Are there any problems with using two mice?

Well, there will only be one mouse pointer on the screen at any given time, so you will have to decide who uses the mouse cursor and mouse button. Certain games that accept two mice as controller inputs may get around this.
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