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How to Use a Smart Plug with a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

If you’re shopping for the best coffee maker, you’ve probably come across a smart coffee brewer or two. That said, the coffee machine you choose or own might not have smart home technology. Luckily, with the invention of tools like the Amazon Smart Plug, you can turn your old coffee maker into a smart device. The smart plug connects your older devices, allowing you to use Wi-Fi to start a cup of coffee with voice controls. So, if you’d like to make your morning routine a little easier, read on and learn how to use a smart plug with a coffee maker.


  • First, insert the smart plug into a traditional outlet and power it on.
  • Next, pair your smart outlet with your smart home network, and plug in your coffee maker in the “ON” position.
  • Lastly, prep the coffee maker and use the app or voice commands to start the brew.

Unless you already have a smart coffee maker, you’d be impressed by what smart plugs can do. A smart plug lets you add your regular coffee maker to services like Google Home and Amazon Echo, earning the voice commands of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, respectively. So while you need to have a basic coffee maker compatible with smart plugs, most models should work. And knowing where to place your coffee maker in the kitchen will help you be able to keep an eye on the smart plug to ensure it is working. That said, read this guide to using a siphon coffee maker for a crafted, great-tasting, hot coffee.

If smart home devices aren’t your thing, consider learning how to use a Vietnamese coffee maker. Alternatively, you can read about how to use a drip coffee maker without using the smart plug. It might also be worth exploring how long you can keep a coffee maker on, whether you are using a smart plug or not.

Insider Tip

If your smart technology is unresponsive, make sure your wireless network is active.

How to Use Smart Outlets with Traditional Coffee Makers

Tools: Wireless internet access, smartphone, a smart plug, coffee maker, coffee filter, coffee grounds

STEP 1 Insert Smart Plug into Outlet

Plug your smart plug into the wall outlet nearest to your coffee maker. You should see a blinking indicator light in pairing mode. Your plug might also have a power button you need to press for pairing.

STEP 2 Pair the Smart Outlet to Network

Open your preferred smart home app, and add the smart plug to it. Once connected, your smart plug should function with voice commands or remote power.

STEP 3 Prep the Coffee Machine

The coffee-making process is still manual with a smart plug. First, fill your coffee maker’s water tank and place your ground coffee in the filter basket. Lastly, place your mechanical switch to the “on” position before plugging it into the smart outlet.

STEP 4 Use Voice Commands to Start the Brew

When ready, use the app or voice assistant to start the coffee maker. Once the flow of coffee stops, your brew is done. If you aren’t going to drink it right away be sure to read out how to warm up coffee in a coffee maker.

STEP 5 Clean the Coffee Maker

Lastly, dispose of the used grounds and grind your coffee beans for next time. Then, load the new filter and refill the water tank.


Always clean your smart coffee machine to keep the circuitry from being damaged by leftover water or coffee.


What coffee makers are NOT compatible with smart plugs?

Most programmable coffee makers that use a digital power switch will not work with a smart power outlet. Do your research to find coffee makers compatible with smart plugs or buy an Alexa Smart Coffee Maker.

Should I consider getting a smart coffee maker?

If you value making a cup of coffee mid-task during a busy day, a smart coffee maker might be for you. That said, you’ll still need to prep the water and coffee grounds yourself.

How do Wi-Fi smart plugs differ?

A wi-fi smart plug will connect to your wireless network, so you don’t have to use a router bridge to gain simple voice commands.

STAT: According to a survey from Gallup, only 10% of Americans who reported drinking one cup of coffee per day consider themselves addicted. (source)

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