How to Use a Mouse With a PS4

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Updated November 9, 2022

If you are new to the world of modern gaming, you may wonder how to use a mouse with a PS4. Newer gaming consoles and related gadgets can integrate with the best computer mouse, but what about dedicated gaming mice? Keep reading to find out if you need to learn about the best gaming mouse for this task and what options you have.


  • Using a mouse with a PS4 or any console is a great way to bring PC skills to the world of console gaming.
  • For console players, you can plug a mouse input directly into an available USB port of your gaming console.
  • If you do not have an available USB port, purchase a USB hub that integrates with your PS4, and feel free to also plug in a wireless keyboard, a wired keyboard, or a USB keyboard-mouse combo.

Why Use a Mouse With a PS4?

After learning how to connect a mouse to a computer, you may want to learn how to connect one to a Sony PlayStation 4 or a related gaming console. Many competitive gamers rely on dedicated mouse accessories even when using a console due to the similarity to playing on a PC, which is important to understand when looking for the top-rated mouse feet.

Insider Tip

Before buying a mouse or a USB hub, research marketing materials to ensure they work with a PS4.

Gaming mice are great for first-person shooters and various other genres. Exercise caution as you play, however, so you won’t have to learn how to fix a mouse on a computer.

Using a Mouse With a PS4

There are many options here when using a mouse with a PS4 or with any modern gaming console (even the PS5.)

Use a USB Port

A standard wired mouse should be a plug-and-play experience here. Just plug it into an available USB port. You should be able to get away with some wireless mice, so long as they include a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the USB port. This is generally considered to be your easiest route to using a PS4 with a mouse, though a wireless mouse might be your best bet here, especially if you have a large TV and don’t want to sit directly in front of it.

Get a USB Hub

What do you do if you are out of USB ports or one is acting finicky? Sony’s PS4 allows you to connect USB hubs to increase the number of available ports for mice and related accessories, including external hard drives. Plug the hub into an available port and plug the mouse into the hub. It really is that simple. As a note, not every hub works with the PS4, so research before making a purchase.

STAT: The PS4 has a number of games that offer full support for a keyboard and mouse. In these games, you’re guaranteed to be able to use your mouse and keyboard. (source)

Don’t Forget the Keyboard

A mouse loves its accompanying keyboard, so if you have an available port, use it to plug into a keyboard. This will mimic the PC gaming experience and could help send your skill level into the stratosphere.

PS4 Mouse FAQS

Can you change the keyboard and mouse settings?

You should be able to change many of the settings directly on the PS4, though this depends on if the console recognizes your keyboard adapter or mouse adapter.

What can you do with the mouse and keyboard?

You can play first-person shooters such as Modern Warfare with them, use the web browser, or even send messages and emails. There are many uses for keyboard control, mouse control, and keyboard inputs.

Are all keyboards compatible with PS4?

Not all keyboards and mice are compatible, so look online for a complete list. However, most models are compatible with PS4 keyboard control, including mechanical keyboards and gaming keyboards. You may, however, need a keyboard adapter.
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