How to Use a Mouse Dongle as a Bluetooth Connection

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Updated November 18, 2022

Sure, the word “dongle” may sound humorous, but you should learn to take it seriously. Many of the best computer mice come with a USB dongle, depending on the kind you purchase. And this Bluetooth dongle can do many incredible things. Namely, it can connect to other Bluetooth devices. How? You may ask. Keep reading, and we’ll teach you how to use a mouse dongle as a Bluetooth connection for other devices.


  • The USB dongle that comes with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless mouse can be used to connect other Bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Not all wireless dongles are Bluetooth-enabled. It’s necessary to confirm this before connecting.
  • Download any necessary software and select the desired device after putting it in pairing mode.

And for those who may be freaking out because you don’t know what to do when you lose your mouse USB, we have an article explaining how to use a mouse without a dongle.

Insider Tip

For those looking to prioritize battery life, you should use a USB dongle with Bluetooth 4.0, which reduces power consumption.

How to Use Mouse Bluetooth Dongle for Other Devices

If you buy a Bluetooth-enabled wireless mouse, the dongle can be used as a unifying receiver for any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether a wireless mouse, keyboard, speaker, etc.

But there’s a specific process that users need to follow to connect multiple devices successfully. Don’t worry; the process is simple and takes only a few minutes once you know the proper settings.

But before getting to the fun stuff, it’s important to mention the differences between a wireless vs Bluetooth mouse connection type. While both are wireless, only devices with Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to use the wireless USB dongle as a unifying receiver to other Bluetooth gadgets.

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STEP 1 Plug in Bluetooth

Find an available USB port for the wireless dongle and plug it in.

STEP 2 Download the Software

A window should appear requesting you to download the necessary software. Go through the steps and complete the download process.

STEP 3 Open Bluetooth

On the computer’s taskbar, a Bluetooth icon should appear. Right-click the icon and select “Add Device.”

STEP 4 Connect the Device

Put the device you wish to connect into pairing mode. There is usually a specific button you must hold down for a few seconds to activate the pairing mode. Once the device is in pairing mode, it should appear on the device list. Next, select the device and press “Connect. Then wait a few seconds to establish the connection.


Connecting multiple devices to a wireless USB dongle might slow the connection speed.

STAT: A wireless mouse that runs on AA batteries can last up to 36 hours. (source)

How to Use Mouse Dongle as Bluetooth FAQs

What should I do if I lose my USB dongle?

You can contact the mouse manufacturer to see if they'll issue a replacement. Otherwise, you can buy a separate USB receiver to connect your Bluetooth devices.

How do I know my computer supports Bluetooth?

Open your computer's settings menu. On the sidebar, there should be a list that says "Bluetooth Devices." If this isn't visible, your computer may not have Bluetooth capability.

Do I have to use a specific USB port for the USB dongle?

As long as the USB port isn't damaged, you can use any of them to connect your wireless USB dongle.
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