How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse on an Xbox One Without an Adapter

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Updated July 25, 2022

Some gamers find that using the best keyboard and mouse as controllers with their consoles significantly increases the gaming experience. However, until recently, many consoles didn’t allow the use of such input devices. But for Xbox One users, this is no longer the case, and you don’t need to purchase a pricy third-party adapter. Below we’ll explain how to use a keyboard and mouse on an Xbox One without an adapter.


  • Once users install the correct program and software, they can use an external keyboard and mouse with their Xbox One without an adapter.
  • Only specific Xbox games allow the use of a USB keyboard and mouse.
  • A keyboard and mouse combo can increase the gaming experience by allowing quicker commands and shortcuts.

And we know that not all gamers are Xbox users. For the rivals, we have a similar article explaining how to connect a keyboard and mouse to a PS4. Unlike Xboxes, users can connect to their PS4 via Bluetooth technology. You can check out our resource on how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard.

Insider Tip

Because Xboxes come with limited amounts of USB ports, you can buy a USB hub that adds additional ports.

Using a Keyboard and Mouse on an Xbox One Without an Adapter

The process of figuring out how to connect a keyboard and mouse to an Xbox is straightforward. All you need to do is ensure that you have the correct software and an available USB slot for each device. After updating the software, plug in your mouse and keyboard input, and you’ll be ready to go.

Once you have your keyboard connected, another helpful thing to know what to do is to disable it. We have an additional resource explaining how to disable a laptop keyboard.


Turn on your console and enter the Microsoft store. Then, find the “Xbox Insider Hub.” Then download it.


Step 2 – After installed, find the option to join the Xbox Insider Program and press “Join.”


Once you’ve joined, find the option “Insider Content.”


Find the option “Xbox One Update Preview.” Then press “Join.”


Then, enter your software update settings to confirm that your Xbox software is updated.


Plug your USB-connected mouse and keyboard into the console’s USB ports.


After plugging them in, the console should recognize the connected devices immediately.


Xbox Ones are not compatible with Bluetooth technology. Consider this before purchasing a keyboard and mouse combo for your console.


Test to make sure that the devices are working.

STAT: Standard edition Xbox One consoles come with three USB ports. (source)

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One Without Adapter FAQs

Do all Xbox One games support a keyboard and mouse?

Not all games support a keyboard/mouse combo. To find out which games are compatible, you can find lists online compiled by gamers and experts.

Does a keyboard and mouse work for an Xbox 360?

The answer depends on what you're using it for. If you are looking to use it for typing and messaging, yes. However, the Xbox 360 console games do not allow the use of an external keyboard and mouse.

Does using a keyboard and mouse improve gameplay?

While it greatly depends on the user, using a gaming mouse and keyboard is preferred by many gamers because of their quickness for issuing commands and shortcuts.
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