How to Use an iPhone as a Webcam

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Updated February 10, 2023

The average computer’s built-in webcam is often low quality. And external webcams can be finicky, making finding the one with the right audio and visual quality to meet your demands difficult. While the best webcams provide superb video quality, it often goes unrealized that iPhones can double as computer webcams. If this piques your interest, stick with us as we show you how to use an iPhone as a webcam.


  • Because of their high-quality cameras, most iPhone models double as excellent computer webcams.
  • Converting an iPhone and computer webcam requires users to download a third-party app to their phone and computer.
  • Users can choose from paid versions, which offer many features and superior image quality to free versions.
  • The iPhone connects to a computer or laptop by Wi-Fi or USB cable to establish the webcam.

And non-Apple users can check out our guide on how to use a phone as a webcam for a more general take on this process.

Insider Tip

You can set up a studio light behind your computer to increase the streaming quality.

How Can I Use My iPhone as a USB Webcam?

iPhones make for awesome high-quality webcams, whether it’s for Zoom meetings, video calls, or live-streaming. All that’s necessary to convert them is to install the right webcam app on your phone and computer. Then you connect them with a USB cable or over a Wi-Fi network, and that’s it. The process is almost too easy, and the results are incredible.

Also, iPhones aren’t the type of device that can transform into a webcam. For example, we have an article explaining how to use an IP camera as a webcam. And Xbox owners can look into our resource on how to use Kinect as a webcam.

STEP 1 Research the Various Video Apps

Go online and check out the third-party apps recommended for iPhone webcam use. Remember to ensure that your computer’s operating system supports whatever desktop app you get.

STEP 2 Update OS

Check your devices for software updates to ensure that your computer and iPhone are running on the latest available software and operating system.

STEP 3 Download Apps and Drivers

Install the app on both your phone and computer. Downloading the software for your computer may look a little different because it’s downloading a specific webcam driver and an application.

STEP 4 Connect the Phone and Computer

Use a USB cable or wireless connection to connect the phone to your computer.

STEP 5 Set Up Phone and Begin Recording

Open up the webcam software and place your phone on a tripod mount, positioning it to get the best image quality. Most webcam apps come with different lenses, resolutions, and features for users to enjoy.


Using your iPhone as a webcam over a Wi-Fi network will result in more significant lag than using a wired connection.

STAT: iPhone 12 can record 4k video at 60 FPS. (source)

How to Use iPhone as a Webcam FAQs

What is the best way to mount your iPhone webcam?

There are many great affordable tripod mounts available. Additionally, you can get a mini tripod for those with limited space.

Does using an iPhone webcam work in most web conference applications?

Always check to confirm that the third-party app is compatible with IOS, but most work with Apple products.

Are the free versions of webcam apps good?

The free versions of these third-party webcam apps tend to offer lower resolution and significantly fewer features. However, they still work perfectly fine for general use.
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