How to Use a Gaming Mouse

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Updated January 6, 2023

The number of mouse options is staggering, and it makes finding the best computer mouse an overwhelming task. And certain types, like some of the top gaming mice, require a learning curve to reach peak performance. Below, we’ll show you how to use a gaming mouse and some tips on setting it up so you can get the best possible experience.


  • Gaming mice differ from regular mice because they allow users enhanced customization and come with programmable buttons.
  • Users should adjust the mouse’s sensitivity and polling rates to lock in the preferred cursor speed and sensitivity.
  • Program mouse buttons to perform key commands that help boost reaction time and improve gaming performance.

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Insider Tip

Most gaming mice come with onboard memory, which allows users to set up multiple profiles. In addition, users can toggle between profiles depending on the game they’re playing.

How to Use a Mouse for Gaming

Gaming mice are more complicated than your average computer control device. Some come with up to 15 extra buttons, and some have highly attentive sensors that make the cursor movement feel like it’s moving at hyper-speed.

But don’t worry because, although complex, there are many easy ways to set up your gaming mouse. These settings take only a few minutes and will immediately improve gaming performance.

Sound too good to be true? You be the judge.

Lastly, for those looking for a mouse, ensure you know how to measure your hand size for a gaming mouse before purchasing anything. And if you’re looking for a mouse for specific style gameplay, we have an article that dives into what an FPS mouse is.

Method 1 – Browse the User Manual

It’s always best to thoroughly read the mouse’s user manual before diving into the settings. Because before you can enhance your mouse for gaming performance, you need to know its limitations.

Method 2 – Adjust Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Whether you prefer wired or wireless gaming mice, controlling the sensitivity is crucial to maximizing efficacy. Most gaming mice have software installed on your computer upon connecting the device. Once installed, you can change the DPI, CPI, and polling rate. Each of these controls different aspects of the mouse’s sensitivity and speed.

Many gaming mice have dedicated DPI buttons, often located on the top of the mouse. Play around with the various speeds until you find a sensitivity that works for your style.


Certain mouse grips, like the fingertip grip, can increase the likelihood of wrist and hand pain.

Method 3 – Set Programmable Buttons

One of the biggest things differentiating a gaming mouse from a regular mouse is its buttons. Gaming mice come with programmable buttons that users customize within the device’s software program. The buttons are used to perform key commands, and each can be set to perform various functions. For example, many gamers like to use the buttons to work with each other to help perform combos.

STAT: Most pro gamers use a DPI that ranges somewhere between 400-1,600. (source)

How to Use a Gaming Mouse FAQs

What’s better for gaming, a wireless or wired mouse?

If you want the fastest possible connection, go with a wired mouse. However, a wireless mouse has a mobility advantage, as the user doesn’t have to worry about the cord getting in the way.

Is it ok to use a gaming mouse for work purposes?

If you find a comfortable, user-friendly gaming mouse, there’s no reason not to use it during the workday. You can even program the buttons to help you perform daily tasks.

Do gaming mice need a mouse pad?

There are specific gaming mouse pads that help increase the control speed and accuracy during gameplay.
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