How to Use a Gaming Headset Splitter

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Updated February 11, 2023

Knowing how to use a gaming headset splitter will save you a headache if you’re using single jack headsets with an incompatible system.


  • First, purchase headphone splitters that work with your system. Pay attention to product dimensions and info while shopping.
  • Next, insert your headphone plug into the headphone splitters. Then, you’ll plug the headphone splitters into both the headphone output and input on your computer.
  • You’ll typically use headphone splitters with older computers. However, multiplayer games also benefit from headphone splitters so both players can enjoy the audio performance.

Some computers have separate audio output and input. In this case, even the best gaming headset is useless without an audio splitter. Keep reading to learn how to use one with your gaming system.

What are Headphone Splitters?

Most people don’t need to use a headphone splitter for computer headset jacks. Modern machines have a single, dual-purpose jack. However, if you’re using an older model to game, it’ll likely have separate jacks for the audio input and output. This is especially true if you’re using an Xbox 360 gaming headset on an Xbox One.

The other reason is for those playing a co-op game where you want both players to have sound with microphone access.

How to Use Headphone Splitters with Single Jack Headsets

If you’re using single-jack headsets, headset splitters are a must-have in the cases we discussed above. Using an audio splitter is easy, and anybody can do it. Keep reading to find out how to use this fantastic product.

Learning how to use a gaming headset on a PC will help you understand these concepts further. Moreover, knowing how to take good care of a gaming headset will help your device last longer.

Insider Tip

A headset splitter stereo cable is excellent to have if you need to split headphone ports between one connected device.


Purchase a splitter cable that matches your specific situation. You’ll find all the answers in product info when you look for a splitter cable to purchase.


Plug the single headphone jack into the splitter adapter. Make sure that both ends are clean to ensure a properly connected headset.


Next, plug either connector type into their designated port. One should go into the sound output port and another into the input device port.


If either audio port is unresponsive, try tweaking the jack adapter and see if that helps. Once they’re working, move on to learning how to use a gaming headset with an audio mixer for better audio quality.


Avoid buying a stereo headset since they can only produce stereo audio and not highly desirable surround sound.


Why do people prefer single jack headsets?

Beyond being convenient, a single connection supports surround sound. Separate ports only support stereo sound, which has a lower sound quality. That’s why everything from mobile devices to computers uses single jack headphones.

How does a dual-jack headset work?

A dual-jack headset works by splitting the microphone input and audio signals. Most audio devices have a single jack for audio. However, older models still use a separate input tab for the mic port and audio signals.

What is the difference between surround and stereo sound?

Stereo audio allows electronic devices to use more than one audio channel. Surround sound goes further, simulating noise behind and beside you.

What is the list of devices that can use a splitter adapter together?

Most modern electronic devices are eligible items for connection. The most common combinations for electric devices are:

  • Headset to Smartphone
  • Headset to Tablet

STAT: Twentieth Century Fox film sound engineer Lorin Grignon, while acknowledging the powerful influence of arrival time cues, noted in 1953 that amplitude differences as small as 2 dB could affect localization. (source)

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