How to Update a Webcam Driver

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Updated September 12, 2022

If you rely on your webcam for work or reuniting with family and friends, you know how upsetting it can be when your device acts up. However, many users don’t realize that even the best webcams must be updated to work reliably. To ensure you stay abreast of any webcam updates, below, we’ll explain how to update a webcam driver.


  • Updating your webcam driver is vital to keeping your device running at peak performance.
  • An outdated driver can lead to webcam issues like freezes, glitches, or shutdowns.
  • To update the driver, go into your computer’s device manager, find the right imaging device and check for any new updates.

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You can set up your computer or download an app that automatically installs the latest drivers.

How to Update Webcam Drivers on Windows 10

One of the best things you can do to keep your webcam functioning at 100% efficiency is to check for driver updates. Driver software is a program that acts as a messenger between a hardware device, like a built-in webcam, and the computer’s operating system. Your computer constantly provides driver updates that remove any bugs from the code or general improvements to boost performance. That’s why failing to update your driver can lead to the webcam freezing, glitching, or shutting off as you try to use it.

Performing these necessary but optional updates to your computer’s webcam device is simple once you know where to look. Whether you use a built-in webcam, an external USB webcam, or have read our guide on how to use a camcorder as a webcam, an updated driver is ideal for any situation.

You may face a settings issue if you update your drivers and still experience problems. For this, you can check out our guide on how to make your webcam look better.

STEP 1 Open the Start Menu

Open your computer’s start menu. In the search bar, type in “Device Manager.”

STEP 2 Open Device Manager

Click on the device manager icon to open a separate window.

STEP 3 Open Imaging Devices

Find the “Imaging Devices” option and double-click it to open the drop-down menu.

STEP 4 Select the Device

If you only use a built-in webcam, there should be only one device that appears. If you use an external webcam, there will be multiple options. Double-click on whichever device you want to update to open its settings in a separate window.

STEP 5 Click on Drivers

At the top of the window, click on the tab that says “Drivers.”

STEP 6 Update Drivers

Press the option to “Update Driver,” and on the next screen, press “Search Automatically for Drivers.” This will begin the update process for your webcam device.

STEP 7 Restart Your Computer

After complete updates, restart your computer and test your webcam to ensure it works properly.


Increased webcam usage heightens the risk of being hacked or spied on.

STAT: There are two main types of computer drivers: device drivers and software drivers. Device drivers communicate between the computer’s operating system and the hardware, such as the webcam. The software drivers bridge communication between applications and the operating system. (source)

How to Update a Webcam Driver FAQs

What happens if I don't update my webcam driver?

Using an outdated driver can lead to malfunctions; sometimes, the web cam stops working.

Does your computer alert you if there are driver updates?

Unfortunately, computers typically don't send notifications about driver updates. But you can always check for them via the device manager page.

Can apps access my webcam?

It's possible to allow or deny apps access to your webcam through your device's privacy settings.
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