How to Update a Keyboard Driver

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Updated February 10, 2023

Keyboards are one of the most important input devices for any computer. And that’s why you must keep the software updated to ensure that your top-rated keyboard remains in perfect working order. Fortunately, knowing how to update a keyboard driver is vital, but the process is an easy one. Below, we’ll show you how to do this for Windows and Apple computers.


  • A keyboard driver is the communication line between the keyboard’s hardware components and the computer’s OS.
  • Both Windows and Apple computers have keyboard drivers that are easily updated through simple steps via the control panel.
  • The process might be slightly different if you use a wireless or external keyboard.

And for Apple users who might be suffering from keyboard malfunctions, we have an article that clearly explains how to reset a Mac keyboard.

Insider Tip

If you are experiencing a keyboard malfunction, but your computer says you have the correct drivers installed, try uninstalling and reinstalling the default driver settings. This trick can sometimes help fix glitches caused by keyboard driver issues.

How to Install Keyboard Driver

Installing driver updates is a simple task you can accomplish right through the computer’s device settings menu. But before we take you through the process, we’ll briefly explain what device drivers are and why updating them is essential.

A keyboard driver is a piece of software that facilitates communication from the hardware to the computer’s operating system. For the best results, you shouldn’t (and, in some instances, can’t) operate with outdated or corrupted drivers. They can make the computer freeze or cause any number of problems, which is why updating them is a common solution when figuring out how to unlock your keyboard. And it also can be the fix for why your keyboard beeps when typing.

Windows Computers

STEP 1 Open Device Manager

Press the key combo “Windows +R.” In the search box that appears, type “devmgmt.msc” then press “OK.”

STEP 2 Find Your Keyboard and Open Its Properties

Once you’re in the device manager, find the keyboard icon and open the dropdown menu. Double click the keyboard you currently use, whether it be the built-in device or a wireless keyboard.

STEP 3 Click on the Driver Tab

After opening the keyboard properties window, look at the top where there are a handful of tabs and select the one that says “Driver.”

STEP 4 Update the Drivers

There will be a box that says “Update Driver.” Click into this, and then select the option that says “Search automatically for drivers.” If there is an option to install a keyboard driver update, select it. If your computer has no available updates, it will tell you that.


Make a note of any customized keyboard settings before updating your drivers, as the update may clear any custom settings.

Mac Computers

STEP 1 Open Settings

Open the settings dropdown by pressing the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner.

STEP 2 Open System Preferences

Select the option for “System Preferences.”

STEP 3 Double Click Keyboard Icon

There will be a list of icons. Double click on the keyboard icon.

STEP 4 Open Modifier Keys

Select the box that says “Modifier Keys.”

STEP 5 Update the Drivers

Once in this section, if there are updates, there will be an option to install the correct driver software.

STAT: As of 2020, an estimated 1.2 billion Windows computers are in use worldwide. (source)

How to Update a Keyboard Driver FAQs

What happens if I don’t update my keyboard driver?

Using outdated keyboard drivers increases your risk of malfunction and limits the possibilities for customization, such as hotkeys or key shortcuts.

Do all keyboards come with software?

Most keyboards do, but some require software to be installed before use. These are mostly gaming keyboards.

Does installing the latest driver increase performance?

Sometimes there are performance increases, but it depends on what kinds of fixes are included in the update.
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