How to Unfreeze a Computer Mouse

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Updated November 15, 2022

If you are new to the world of digital accessories, you may wonder how to unfreeze a computer mouse. Even the best computer mouse around is susceptible to varied issues that can cause it to freeze dead in its tracks. So what causes the problem of a frozen computer mouse, and what can be done to resolve it? Keep reading to find out.


  • Unfreezing an external mouse can be a simple or difficult task, depending on the underlying issue.
  • Start troubleshooting by resetting the computer via the power button and unplugging any and all accessories before powering it back on.
  • Try resetting Bluetooth and manually removing each device. Finally, download and install the new external mouse driver software.

What Causes a Computer Mouse to Freeze?

There are many underlying software and hardware problems that cause a mouse to freeze if you are wondering why your mouse is not working. Some of these issues are diagnosed by experienced users if you wonder how to tell if your computer mouse is dying. Other issues require some guesswork and troubleshooting, even if you understand the definition of a wireless mouse.

Insider Tip

You should also clean your workspace and the mouse itself to see if that helps with the problem.

What to Do When a Computer Mouse is Frozen

There are certainly plenty of troubleshooting steps to experiment with to get that thawed out as soon as possible.

Reset Everything

Your first step here is to reset everything. This includes the mouse, the keyboard, any other connected accessories, and, of course, the computer itself. Turn the computer off and allow it to rest for a minute or two. Unplug everything, including the USB mouse. Plug everything back into the associated ports and power the computer on once again. Did this fix the external mouse issue? If so, you can stop reading right here.

Turn Off Bluetooth

If you are using a wireless mouse that has become frozen or in the midst of other hardware issues, try removing every accessory from the Bluetooth list, the mouse included. Once that is finished, turn the Bluetooth off for a few minutes. Turn Bluetooth back on and reconnect the mouse. Check it to see if it is no longer frozen. This often resolves the issue. Don’t forget to reconnect the rest of your accessories before you finish.

STAT: To properly navigate your system, you might want to switch to the touchpad mouse if you’re using an external mouse and vice versa. (source)

Download Mouse Drivers

Ancient and out-of-date external mouse drivers can lead to a frozen mouse or any number of frustrating maintenance issues. These drivers control every aspect of the device, including how it interacts with the current version of your computer’s operating system. These OS conflicts are at the root of many frozen mice, so head to the manufacturer’s website to download the new driver software. Install the software by following the prompts, reset the computer, and check the mouse cursor and mouse pointer to see if the issue has been resolved.

Frozen Mouse FAQs

How do I fix a mouse frozen on a laptop?

Reboot the computer in safe mode and download driver updates and device driver updates for the mouse. Additional mouse options include cleaning the mouse itself and resetting Bluetooth.

Why do computers freeze?

They freeze for any number of reasons, from ancient device drivers via the device manufacturer to performance issues, corrupt files, bad driver files, and more. Reset the computer into safe mode to see what is going on.

What happens to any work not saved?

Make sure to save what you are working on before inspecting your device driver and resetting the computer in safe mode. You should be fine once you get rid of corrupt files and get going with those driver updates.
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