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How to Turn Off a VPN on iPhone

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Even if you have a premium VPN for your mobile devices, there may come a time when you need to know how to turn off a VPN on an iPhone while on a private network. Though a VPN connection hides your actual IP address and encrypts your online activity, keeping hackers, internet providers, and network administrators out of your business, it can also slow your internet connection and cause network issues.


  • Navigate to the General Settings menu on your iPhone to find the VPN section.
  • Click on VPN to see the list of VPN profiles and providers connected to your iPhone.
  • Next to Status, slide the green toggle until your VPN states Not Connected.

Whether you have an Apple or Android phone, your online privacy is at risk while connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot without VPN access. If you aren’t an Apple fan, you can learn how to turn off a VPN on an Android device. But if you’re having this kind of issue, read on to discover how to disconnect the VPN on your iPhone.

Insider Tip

VPNs can help you access content like geo-restricted websites and shows on major streaming platforms.

How to Disable VPN on iPhone

Experts recommend learning how to change a VPN on an iPhone instead of completely disconnecting from a VPN provider. That said, you may get increased network performance by using your real IP address on your private network.

But before making significant changes to your phone’s VPN settings, make sure you know what is a VPN on an iPhone. You can also ensure online security by learning how to use a VPN on an Apple TV.

STEP 1 Go to the iPhone’s General Settings Menu

Open the phone settings and navigate to General settings in the iPhone’s menu.

STEP 2 Select VPN

You can use a slider in the General Settings to disconnect from the VPN, but going into the actual VPN settings gives you more options.

STEP 3 Change the VPN Status

Once inside the VPN menu, you can see which VPN profile you’re using. Next to Status, you should see a green slider if your VPN is connected. Slide the VPN status to the left until it says Not Connected.


Connecting to a public hotspot without a VPN puts your internet privacy and personal information at risk.

STAT: A 2021 Pew Research Center poll showed that 25% of Americans age 65 and older do not use the internet. (source)

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How to Turn off a VPN on an iPhone FAQs

Do I need a VPN for cellular data connections?

Unless you want an extremely private connection, you shouldn’t need a VPN option with cellular data. In addition to the limited privacy risk on a cellular network, VPNs require increased mobile data usage because you’re routing your activity through external servers. A VPN connection might not be worth it on a cell network.

How do I disconnect an Android phone VPN?

Go to the Network & Internet or Connection Settings on your Android phone. Press the VPN application icon, and choose the disconnect option from the popup menu. You should no longer have VPN access on your smartphone.

When is it safe to disable a VPN on my mobile device?

You should never disable your VPN while connected to a public hotspot or Wi-Fi network. Even if you have a secure connection on a public network, there are numerous privacy risks to connecting without a VPN. The internet service provider and possible hackers can see your online activity, putting your identity in peril.