How to Turn Off a VPN

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Updated August 26, 2022

If you are brand new to the world of private networks, you may want to know how to turn off a VPN. Even the best VPNs, after all, can cause computers and mobile devices to slow down while in use. In other words, turning off that virtual private network is sometimes a great idea. Keep reading to learn how to do just that.


  • If you want to ensure faster Internet connections or sign in to streaming accounts, turn off your VPN connections.
  • This is pretty easy to do across all platforms, typically involving some diving into the VPN settings menus.
  • In some cases, you can shut off the VPN from the VPN software itself, though your results may vary depending on your VPN provider.

Why Turn Off a VPN?

There are many reasons to turn off a VPN, leading some to want to learn how to turn off a VPN on an Android device. VPNs tend to slow down surfing speed on computers and mobile gadgets, which you’ll see if you just learned how to install a VPN on a Firestick. Also, sometimes you don’t want your location hidden, such as when accessing your streaming accounts and the like, which will send you looking for that VPN kill switch.

Insider Tip

Running a VPN is great for privacy but not great for browsing speeds.

Finally, you may simply want to cancel your VPN service, especially after learning how much VPNs cost.

How to Shut Off VPN

There is no universal method for shutting off a VPN, as it largely depends on the device it is tied to and the VPN service itself. With that said, however, here are common devices and some simple ways to shut down a VPN.


It is fairly simple to turn off a VPN on a Mac computer, such as a Macbook, an iMac, or a Mac Pro. You can do this on the VPN app itself by following on-screen instructions, but a more common solution is heading to the network settings.

  • Go to System Preferences and then Network.
  • You should see your active VPN service listed on the left-side panel.
  • Hover over the service and click Disconnect.


Follow a similar procedure for Windows computers, starting with the software itself and moving on to settings if that doesn’t work.

  • Go to Settings and then Network & Internet.
  • Select VPN on the left-side menu.
  • Look for your VPN connection and then click Disconnect.

Smartphones and Tablets

The process is similar for iPhones and Android phones. For iPhones and iPads, head into Settings and then General, looking for VPN. Toggle to disconnect. For Android devices, head to Settings and then Network & Internet. Tap on VPN and then toggle to turn it off. This process works for phones, tablets, and just about anything else running an Android shell.

STAT: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can only be turned on or off after a VPN has been added. (source)

Turn Off VPN FAQs

When to turn off VPN?

Turn off VPN connections when you want to display your real IP address while using the Internet. This can be useful for accessing social media accounts, streaming accounts, and when you exit public networks.

What happens if I turn off VPN?

Nothing really happens when you access the connection settings to turn off your VPN software, though your location is now accessible via your Internet service provider.

How to permanently disable a VPN?

To permanently disable a VPN, delete all elements of the software from your servers, which should transfer to VPN servers. If you are having issues, check the menu bar for the appropriate settings page.
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