How to Turn Off Voice on a Hoverboard

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Updated October 16, 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Some automatic voice features are added by manufacturers for safety reasons- consider this before making the decision to disable them
  • Proper calibration of your hoverboard is often the simplest and least-invasive solution to deal with unwanted sounds
  • Disabling Bluetooth functionality can prevent voice functions from activating but may disable other features as well

Hoverboard riders commonly complain about the beeping sounds that many of the best hoverboards make, regardless of where you get your hoverboard from. These issues can happen when they’re not properly calibrated and a loud automated voice warning about low battery even when the battery seems sufficiently charged.

Both of these occurrences can make riding a lot less pleasant, but there are simple solutions for dealing with both issues that any user should be able to do without the use of a hoverboard repair kit or any electronics expertise.

Why your Hoverboard is Making Sounds

Depending on your model and various other factors, there are a number of reasons why your hoverboard may be making sounds. Common issues include a failing battery, software or firmware malfunction on Bluetooth-enabled models, riding at unsafe speeds, and issues with default settings, especially on more advanced “smart boards”

It’s a good idea to consult your hoverboard’s manual or the manufacturer’s page to determine what the source of the issue is, and keep in mind that permanently dealing with some of them would require dismantling your hoverboard yourself or taking it to a hoverboard repair shop. That said, here are the simple, non-invasive, or warranty-threatening methods for dealing with the two most common sound issues.

How to Turn off Hoverboard Beeps by Recalibration

Step 1: Start by powering off your hoverboard

Step 2: Adjust your hoverboard’s foot pedals so that they are level with each other as well as level with the surface they’re on.

Step 3: Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds or until it beeps- depending on your model, LED lights may also flash.

Step 4: Power your hoverboard off.

Step 5: Power your hoverboard back on. Now your hoverboard should be calibrated, and beeping should cease with normal use.

How to Turn Off Voice Warnings

Voice warnings on hoverboards are generally the result of low batteries, but many riders complain of these loud voice warnings going off well before their batteries have gotten low. Though one solution can involve dismantling your hoverboard, like when you need to take apart your hoverboard wheels and remove a soldered-on piece, this will void warranties and can easily damage your hoverboard.

Instead, it’s best to reset your battery charge and the hoverboard’s sensor by running the battery until it’s empty and recharging it completely. These should correct the problem in most cases, and your hoverboard’s voice warning mechanism will only be activated when your battery is actually low.

Turning Off Sounds on Bluetooth-Enabled Self-Balancing Scooters

Bluetooth-enabled hoverboards are great for syncing up a mobile device with your hoverboard to play your music while riding, but if you want to easily turn off warning sounds and automated voices, most Bluetooth hoverboards allow you to shut off all sounds easy enough by disconnecting or powering off its Bluetooth capabilities. Of course, doing this will also disconnect your mobile device and prevent you from playing music through the hoverboard’s speakers, but it’s an easy solution if you simply want a silent-running hoverboard. For more on these types of issues, we have a guide on how to fix hoverboard Bluetooth.


Older iPhone and Android models may not be able to connect to your hoverboard via Bluetooth- for iPhones, the iPhone 6 is generally the oldest model capable of connecting to most hoverboards.

Voice functions on hoverboards are often related to safety features- keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to shut off that functionality.

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How to Turn Off Voice on a Hoverboard FAQ

Why does my hoverboard have Bluetooth?

A popular feature found on many hoverboard models is a set of Bluetooth-enabled speakers for playing music while riding, connecting to one’s iPhone or Android mobile device.

What’s a hoverboard repair kit?

Hoverboard repair kits are inexpensive and widely available options for repairing 90% of common issues and include all of the necessary circuit boards and tools needed for those repairs.

What’s the average top speed of a hoverboard?

The average top speed for most hoverboards is 6 to 8 miles an hour.
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