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How to Turn Off The Parallax Wallpaper Effect in iOS 7


Apple’s parallax effect in iOS 7 gives the illusion of looking under the application icons, giving the phone display a sense of depth not seen in previous iOS updates. But the parallax effect is not for everyone, and some have even complained it makes them a bit dizzy. Others have attributed shorter battery life with iOS 7 to the parallax effect, but it’s hard to say exactly how much a difference turning it off will make. For longer battery life, our advice is to turn off location tracking apps like Google Maps, shut down any apps you don’t need running (especially those with app notifications), and of course by turning down the brightness of the display.

To turn off the parallax effect in iOS 7 (that is what you came here for, isn’t it?), you:

1. Start by going to Settings > General.

photo 1


2. Then, go to Accessibility > Reduce Motion option.

Parralax Reduction-2

3. Finally, slide the toggle button to “On” position to disable the parallax effect.

(Note: It’s sort of the reverse of what you might think, but toggling this button to “On” reduces motion in the user interface, including the parallax effect.)

photo 5

For those of you with an iPhone 4 or lower, you won’t need to turn off the parallax effect because those phones don’t support the feature. The iPhone 4s, however, does support the parallax effect.

If you want to mess around with the parallax effect before turning it off, you can choose different background images by tapping on the Settings icon and selecting Wallpaper and Brightness. The effect is more noticeable depending on which wallpaper background you choose. The new iO7 update also includes two animated, or dynamic wallpapers as Apple refers to them, which make the effect even more interesting.

3 Comments to How to Turn Off The Parallax Wallpaper Effect in iOS 7

  1. Will

    So, I tried this, and it’s still cutting off the edges of my wallpaper. I’ve got one of these:

    But even with reduce motion on, it looks like this:

    You can see it’s cutting off the edges and warping everything out of place. How do I fix this, Apple??

    • Will

      Great, the screenshots aren’t showing up. Now I just look dumb.

      • Will

        Anyway, it’s one of the shelf wallpapers, but because it gets blown up for the parallax, all the shelves are out of alignment.

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