How to Stop on a Hoverboard

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Updated October 15, 2022

Stopping a hoverboard is one of the coolest tricks you can do. It requires placing the right amount of pressure on the feet and precise hip movement to execute, making it fun to practice over time. Also, it is very important to master hoverboard basics before graduating to more complex moves, such as drifting and riding off of steps without falling. Additionally, it may help to know how a hoverboard works to understand how each component affects your ride. Keep reading to learn more about basic maneuvers, such as mounting, steering, and stopping a hoverboard. Depending on what you want to do with the hoverboard will also determine the type you need, so if you plan on riding on all types of terrain, you should check out our guide on the top off-road hoverboards. However, two-wheeled hoverboards aren’t your only option, there are also single-wheel hoverboards and electric unicycles.

How Do I Mount My Board for the First Time?

It is very easy to mount on the best hoverboard. Establish solid balance by placing your dominant foot on the hoverboard first, followed by the other foot. You should be completely standing upright without leaning forward or backward, placing an equal amount of pressure on both feet. Once you are fully upright, lean forward slightly to start riding.

Tip: Establish solid balance by placing your dominant foot on the hoverboard first, followed by the other foot

If you have the option, be sure your hoverboard mode selection option is chosen (including beginner mode) based on your experience. We recommend starting with ‘Beginner Mode’ for first-timers, as it comes with a lower max speed setting, as hoverboards can go pretty fast in other modes.

Tip: We recommend starting with ‘Beginner Mode’ for first-timers

How Do I Steer a Self-Balancing Board?

Steering a self-balancing board requires balance and control. Basic directions for steering include moving forward, backward, left, and right. To move forward, lean your body forward and use your toes to apply light pressure. To move backward, repeat the same, placing a little more pressure on the heels. Turning left and right operate similarly, with right toe pressure for left turns and left toe pressure for right turns.

How Do I Stop a Hoverboard?

With enough practice, it is very easy to stop a hoverboard.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 minutes to master

Total Steps: 4

Tools Needed: None

1) Mount your hoverboard and lean forward to move forward.

2) Slightly lean back and place even pressure on your heels and toes back to the center.

3) Once stopped safely, move off the hoverboard by taking your weak foot off first, followed by your strong foot. This will help you create a better balance.

4) Be sure to avoid leaning too far back. This will cause the hoverboard to move backward.







How to Stop on a Hoverboard FAQ

How do you get on and off a hoverboard?

Getting on and off a hoverboard is one of the simplest maneuvers you can execute. To get on, place the dominant foot on the hoverboard first, followed by the non-dominant foot. Be sure to stand completely upright and do not lean forward or backward. To stop and get off, stand completely upright until the hoverboard comes to a full stop. From there, take your non-dominant foot off the board, followed by your dominant foot.

What makes a hoverboard move?

A hoverboard uses a series of gyroscopes and pressure sensors to read its occupant's movement, relying on data back to the motherboard with instructions to move forward, backward, or execute turns. For example, placing right toe pressure on the board will force the hoverboard to turn left. Placing left toe pressure on the hoverboard will force the hoverboard to turn right.

What happens when you hold the power button on a hoverboard?

Holding the power button on a hoverboard for several seconds allows it to be recalibrated for better balancing. This is called a reset. Some hoverboards may require up to 10 seconds before it takes effect.

Do hoverboards read your brain?

No, hoverboards do not read brains. It relies on pressure sensors and your own movement to determine where to go.

Is a hoverboard worth buying?

Hoverboards are definitely worth purchasing. We find it has the most bang for the buck, in terms of hours spent without tiring.