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How to Set a Coffee Maker Timer

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Updated February 12, 2023

If you’ve got a top-tier coffee maker, then you need to know how to set the timer to get the most out of your appliance. Beyond telling the time, setting your coffee maker timer will give you access to brew strength and brew cycle settings. In addition, your programmable coffee maker should have a fresh brew timer that will only work if the current time is correct on the LCD display panel. So, if you’d like to set your time or use a preset brew time for your morning coffee, read on.


  • Press the program button and use the hour and minute buttons to adjust the time on your coffee maker.
  • To set a brew timer, press the Delay Brew button and adjust the timer with the hour and minute buttons.
  • For automatic brewing, press the program button to set the digital clock. Then, press the AUTO button to finalize your automatic brew time.

Luckily, adjusting the coffee maker timer is a normal part of setting up a new coffee machine and one of the basics of knowing how to use a drip coffee maker. In addition, the brew settings on your programmable coffee machine can stop your pot of coffee from tasting burnt. Also keeping your machine clean can help with preventing burnt-tasting coffee. So keep your machine clean and learn how to stop the light from flashing after cleaning the coffee maker. Now, before you prepare your coffee grounds, make sure to fix the settings and timer on your programmable coffee maker. If you are not quite sure how to do that, we have an excellent article on how to program a coffee maker.

Insider Tip

Use a thermal carafe to keep your coffee warm instead of leaving it on the hot plate for maximum flavor.

How to Adjust Coffee Brewer Timer


To begin, find the program button, marked “PROG” on most models, and press it. Then, press the hour button, sometimes called “HR.” Next, watch the clock display and use the control for cycling to the correct hour.

Next, use the minute button, sometimes marked “MIN.” Then, again, cycle the clock display until it is set to the current time.

STAT: In a survey of 1,009 adults aged 18 and older, 66% of unemployed respondents reported drinking one or more cups of coffee per day. (source)


If you want to use the timer function at a specific time of day, the delay timer is a solid option. On some models, you will find a “Delay Brew” button. Press this button and use the clock display to set your delay timer. If you input an incorrect time, press the “Select / Off” button to cancel the brew.


This is a different type of programmable brewing than a delay function. To set your auto model, press the program button and adjust the time like in step one. Once the time is set, press the AUTO button to finalize the auto brew feature.

Remember to fill your paper filter and water reservoir with coffee before setting the auto function. In addition, regularly sanitize your stainless steel coffee maker for the best taste.


Always use the handle to hold your glass carafe. Hot coffee will burn your hands, even minutes after your drip coffee maker has finished brewing.


What is the best water for coffee?

There isn’t a definitive “best” water for coffee. Still, expert coffee drinkers agree that minerals are essential for a bold flavor profile. In addition, brewing with water that doesn’t have minerals will not result in a rich flavor extraction. When in doubt, use a bit more coffee than usual for maximum flavor.

How should coffee be stored?

Whether you buy whole bean or ground coffee, you should store it in a cool, dry place like a coffee jar. In addition, you should not store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. The temperature fluctuations of keeping and removing the coffee grounds will degrade them quickly.

How much caffeine is in drip coffee?

Depending on the size of your coffee pot, your cup of coffee should contain between 80-200mg of caffeine. That said, your brewing time and beans of coffee will inform the brew strength.

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