How to Send a Fax from an All-In-One Printer

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Updated November 22, 2022

When browsing the lists of best printers, it can be surprising to find many that still come with fax services. You might think the fax has gone the way of the dodo or sabertooth, but many businesses still use fax machines. That’s why many of the best all-in-one printers still offer this feature. So, if you feel a fax in your future, you may want to keep reading as we show you how to send a fax from an all-in-one printer.


  • Multifunctional printers often come with fax capabilities as one of their key features.
  • Check to see if your system requires a wired or wireless connection.
  • After connecting your fax system and downloading any necessary software, place the documents into the tray. Then enter the destination number to complete the fax job.

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How to Send a Fax from an All-In-One Printer

Figuring out how to set up an all-in-one printer for faxing is easy. Especially once you know where to locate the buttons/ports, all it takes is a few minutes of playing IT, and you’re all set. Remember that some multifunction printer models have wireless fax capabilities, and others must be plugged in. For those with wired connections, you’ll need a cable to plug into the telephone jack.

Insider Tip

Check the document feeder tray for a symbol instructing you to lay the document facing up or down. Most of the time, it’s face up, but look for a symbol resembling a sheet of paper. If there are lines on the sheet of paper, leave the document facing up; if there are no lines, place the page facing down.

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STEP 1 Turn Printer On

Ensure the printer is plugged in and the printer is ready to complete a job.

STEP 2 Find the Fax Feature Button

Locate the fax button on your multifunction printer. It should be located on the front panel, near the scanner button.

STEP 3 Insert Fax Documents

Place the page or pages you wish to fax into the document feeder. Adjust the paper width guides so that they fit around the document securely.

STEP 4 Enter Destination Number

Press the fax button and input the destination fax number.

STEP 5 Send Fax

Press the send fax button. It should look like a sheet of paper next to a landline phone. Sometimes a printer will print a confirmation page to let you know the job is complete. Other times, it confirms completion via the digital screen.


Your printer’s fax machine automatically assumes you are printing a one-sided document. Ensure you adjust the settings to set the document feeder if you have a double-sided fax document.

STAT: The first fax system was invented in 1924 by AT&T. (source)

How to Send a Fax from an All-In-One Printer FAQs

Do you need to add a 1 or 9 when faxing from an all-in-one printer?

Most of the time, there's no need to dial a 1 or 9. Putting in the fax number usually works just fine.

How do I tell what the fax number is on my all-in-one printer?

Enter the device properties from your computer's control panel. If your fax system is set up, it should have the number to view.

Can I use my home phone for a fax line with my new all-in-one printer?

So long as your home phone has an extension line, you can hook up your fax machine. You can get an adapter if your phone doesn't have an extension line.
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