How to Secure a Webcam

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Updated August 26, 2022

If anyone tries silencing your Black Mirror ramblings about spies lurking in your webcam, direct them to this article because your fears are perhaps genuine. Although the best webcams create unique possibilities, with them come new security threats, including the possibility of spying. Thankfully, users can quickly learn how to secure a webcam with a few easy tricks.


  • Users can prevent webcam hacking by adding an extra layer of security via hardware or software.
  • Many choose to put tape of a cover over their webcam, so hackers or untrusted applications can’t spy on them.
  • The best way to prevent webcam hacking is through robust antivirus software and practicing safe online habits.

Newcomers to the webcam craze may also want to learn how to install a webcam.

Insider Tip

If you’re worried about hacking, you can permanently tape off your built-in webcam and buy an external device, as it’s harder for hackers to infiltrate an external webcam.

How to Secure Your Laptop Webcam

Typically, a camera shows a small indicator light that signals users to know when the webcam is on. But, sadly, webcam hackers have found ways around this and have ways to disable the webcam indicator light so that they can spy without detection.

Users must take measures to combat malicious players to prevent stolen personal and private data. So, from knowing how to turn your webcam off to understanding how to avoid hacking, there are a few things you can do to secure your cameras fully.

Lastly, anyone who uses webcams for live-streaming and video production should know how to record gameplay and webcam videos separately, as this increases the quality of your video.

Cover Up Your Webcam

Covering your built-in webcam lens with electrical tape or any blocking method is an excellent way to prevent being spied upon. Then, when you need to use the webcam, take it off the piece of tape and immediately place it back on after use.

If you refuse to be a webcam taper, remember to close your laptop whenever you’re finished using it. You can also buy a webcam cover.


If you’re worried about being hacked, avoid public Wi-Fi networks. Public networks make it much easier to distribute webcam-related malware.

Install Antivirus Software

Because webcam security threats often come through hackers installing malicious programs, having quality antivirus software is the best line of defense. However, users must remember to check for any warnings to address issues immediately before they become more significant problems.

STAT: Over 59% of individuals take some measure to ensure their webcam is secure. (source)

Avoid Suspicious Links and Emails

A standard method for webcam hacking is phishing emails that contain cyber threats. Some of these emails have dangerous links that, when opened, will install webcam malware. Because of this, never open suspicious emails from unknown sources without first checking that it’s legitimate. It’s also essential never to download documents or applications from untrusted websites.

How to Secure a Webcam FAQs

What is the best thing to do when your webcam is hacked?

Run a malware scanner to confirm the security threat and cover up your camera. Then check your files to see if there are any videos that you don’t remember recording.

How do hackers access your webcam?

Hackers use a mix of phishing emails, applications, and dirty links to install software that gives them a backdoor, where they can access your webcam whenever they please.

How do I know what apps are using my webcam?

If you go into your privacy settings, you can find an option to see which apps have access to your webcam. From there, you can limit permission so that only trusted and necessary apps have access.
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