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How to Score Free Soda From a Vending Machine (video)


It’s been said that everything free tastes better.  Eat at a restaurant and if the manager happens to comp your meal, what is suddenly a mediocre tasting dish, might become surprisingly tasty.  It’s the “bang for buck” effect, otherwise known as value.  Sure, flavor and quality have to intersect somewhere in there, but we’ve all made compromises for just ok eats if the price is right.

With that in mind, soda is hardly a to die for item.  Unless of course you can score it for free…from a vending machine.  Using a measuring tape, a bit of ingenuity, and a steady hand, you can yank soda cans from a vending machine (just watch the above video to learn how).  Of course, I can’t remember the last soda machine I saw here in the US that contains actual cans of pop as well as a glass front.  But if you happen upon a machine analogous to the one in this video give it a shot.  Just make sure you leave the $1.25, or whatever it costs, otherwise karma might catch up with you.

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