How to Return Online Orders – A Simple Guide

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Updated June 27, 2022

Before making any online purchase through your form of payment, it is crucial to know how to return online orders if circumstances force you to request a refund. Why? Because you need to be in a position to return the item if what you receive is not what you want. Generally, you will find a 30-day return guarantee policy for new purchases in an online store. Additionally, most online stores will only accept unopened or unused items. For instance, if you want to return clothes, do not remove the price tags.


  • Always read the return policy of a retail store or online retail shop before purchasing a product from them.
  • If you are not sure about the refund policy of the online store, contact the customer care agent to confirm how to return a product for a refund. Return the product even if it is with its original packaging.
  • 7 out of 10 customers shop from online stores that offer free shipping charges for return products with or without original packaging.

How to Return Your Online Purchase

STEP 1 Log onto the Online Retail Shop

Log into your account if you were shopping through Amazon, Alibaba, or any other e-commerce store.

Note: It’s also important to stress that e-commerce sites and directories like Yelp know how to remove fake customer reviews.

STEP 2 Find the Return Policy

Look for the return policy and read it. Ideally, if you bought a new device and it is unopened, you can quickly return the item without any issue. But check the policy for clear instructions on how to return the item.

Note: Read on how to spot fake Google reviews, because many customers rely on these to make their purchase, which can be very misleading.

STEP 3 Print the Shipping Label

Depending on the website of the online store, print a return shipping label or prepaid return label from the vendor.

STEP 4 Contact Customer Service

If you are not sure about the process of returning a product, use email service, or call customer service for help.

STEP 5 Contact the Seller

Suppose you bought the item from a third-party site like eBay or Amazon using a debit card or credit card. In that case, you should contact the seller by calling or through your email address for a refund through bank reversal.


Is it possible to return online purchases to the store within business days?

The good news is that store return policies are the same for both online and in-store purchases. In addition, some merchants will allow you to physically return or exchange the item in your local store to simplify the online return process.

What is the frequency of the number of online goods returned to online shops?

Brick-and-motor stores have a return rate of 8%, compared to the return of approximately 30% of all products sold online. If the return process is easy, 92% of customers say they can repurchase an item from the same store. Additionally, 79% of consumers want free shipping for return orders.

Which are the most returned items in online shopping?

Clothing and accessories rank the highest when it comes to returned items to online stores. Approximately 75% of online shoppers in a survey reported that they returned clothes.

What is the process of an online return at Walmart?

Walmart allows return purchases by email. Here is the process:

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Select the order to return by selecting “Manage order.”
  3. Click “Return items” on the “Order Information” box.
  4. Choose the number of items you wish to return.

Can I return a product I bought at Costco to their store?

Yes. You can return a product you bought at Costco by sending or dropping it off at their warehouse. To begin the return process, head to and look at the membership counter, or you can also check the details on their website.

What is a product return rate?

Although product return rates for brick-and-motor stores are about 8%, 47% of online shoppers purchase an item only from a store that offers free return shipping.

STAT: According to B-Stock Solutions, customers return about 30% of online purchases. (source)

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