How to Reset a Mac Keyboard

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Updated July 22, 2022

Sometimes, after purchasing an expensive computer with the finest keyboard to match their lifestyle needs, computer users begin to freak out when it starts to glitch. But keyboard issues usually point to simple software problems and can be solved through a manual reset. And, because the resetting process is different based on the computer software manufacturer, the following article will cover how to reset a Mac keyboard.


  • There are multiple ways to reset a Mac keyboard that can help solve glitches. And all of them can be done quickly through the computer’s settings menu.
  • You can revert to default software by going into the keyboard settings.
  • Sometimes a keyboard develops glitches when the language is changed, and resetting the language software can be a handy fix.

But, we also have other guides that explain things like how to reset a keyboard or how to unlock a keyboard, including solutions for Windows models.

How to Reset a MacBook Keyboard

A MacBook’s built-in keyboard is unique in its own right, in both software and hardware. That’s why we have multiple articles dedicated to topics explaining things, such as how to remove a MacBook’s keys or what is a butterfly switch, that describes the specific hardware parts used in many Apple keyboards. And because of Apple’s dedication to thinking differently, the keyboard resetting process follows a similar logic.

Insider Tip

Once you have updated any settings, it’s always a good idea to reboot your computer to ensure the software goes through a proper reset.

When it comes to resetting the keyboard, there are multiple ways to do this. However, even though the process for an Apple computer is unique, the task itself is elementary.

For solutions to a specific software issue, we have an article covering how to update a keyboard driver and another explaining how to turn on a keyboard light.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 10 minutes
  • Total Steps: 4-5 (Depending on method)
  • Tools Needed: None

Resetting the Driver to Default Settings


Find the Apple symbol on the menu bar at the top of the screen.


Open the dropdown menu and press “System Preferences.”


Click on the keyboard icon.


In the bottom right corner, there will be a box that says “Modifier Keys.” Click that.


Press the option to “Restore Defaults,” then click OK.


When resetting your computer’s keyboard to default settings, you’ll lose any customizing you’ve programmed for keyboard shortcuts. Make sure to write down what you’ve done so you can quickly input them after completing the resetting process.

Resetting the Keyboard Language


Press the Apple symbol in the upper right corner.


Press “System Preferences.”


Press the icon labeled “Language and Reason.”


Click on your preferred language, then reboot the computer.

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How to Reset a MacBook Keyboard FAQs

What should I do if my MacBook's trackpad isn't working?

First, turn off the computer and turn it back on. If that doesn't work, a common fix for trackpad issues is to go into the setting and disable the force click option.

Why isn't my keyboard's backlight working?

Backlight issues are typically a settings problem. First, go into the keyboard settings and see if the light has been dimmed.

How do I lock my MacBook keyboard?

To lock only the keyboard, you must download an app that allows you to do this. Otherwise, you can lock the entire computer, including the keyboard, by pressing "Control+Shift+Power."
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