How to Reset a HEPA Air Purifier

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Updated July 7, 2022

Would you know how to reset the HEPA air purifier if a filter needed changing? It is pretty easy once you know where to look. Not all HEPA air cleaners are the same, however. You might need to feel your way through the first or maybe the second time around before you get the hang of it. On the other hand, once you understand the main parts, you will quickly know how to reset a HEPA air purifier regardless of the model. Keep reading for quick tips on this easy maintenance task for the best air purifiers.


  • Filter light indicators of some air purifier models will turn on after it has been used for a certain number of hours.
  • It is best to change filters every six months.
  • Clean your filters thoroughly before performing any reset to ensure proper maintenance.

How You Reset Air Purifier Filter

Once you understand how to reset an air purifier, like the Magic Clean, it will no longer be intimidating when you need to do it again. The feeling is the same when dealing with different air purifier models. You can deal with a small HEPA air cleaner or even a tower air purifier version. It really will not matter when you already know how to reset a HEPA air purifier filter monitor. You will be able to change

its pre-filter or other air filters routinely and improve your indoor air quality in no time. It’s a very similar process to resetting the carbon light on air purifiers with filters that use activated charcoal. If it uses a HEPA filter, you’ll want to know how to install a HEPA filter into an air purifier.

General Process

In most cases, you begin by changing the unit’s air filter. You may, however, first need to know how to test your air purifier. A light may or may not be blinking after completing this step. However, if there is one, you would wonder, “how to reset the blinking light on my air purifier after changing the filter?” There would usually be a button to click or press down for a few seconds before the light would go off. This step would already reset the light filter indicator, but there are some slight differences between most brands.

A Look At Two Different Models

Elechomes Air Purifier Why Is Reset Button Flashing Red

This brand has a red light indicator that signals a filter used for about 2,000 hours. It is a notice for you to change or clean the filter. Hold down the Lamp and Sleep button for at least three seconds after performing a filter replacement. You will then notice the red light flicker rapidly, followed by three beeps from the air cleaner.

How To Reset The Filter Light On My Safeway Air Purifier

This model has seven different aesthetic lights flashing near its water tank. The appliance will display an amber color light, however, when its filter requires some changing. Unplug the device first before removing its filter. Then, turn the unit back on to perform a light filter reset by simply holding down its fan and light buttons until the amber light disappears. Be sure to change its filter every six months.

Clean Your Filters

Electronic filter replacement reminders prompt you to clean your air purifier to make it perform better. Remember to dust off your pre-filter, HEPA-type filter, or any other kind installed. Remove the excess dirt first before running it through the water to clean it thoroughly. Note, however, that it may be better to replace it with a new one and keep your unit running at an optimum level.

How To Install The Filters Winex C35 Air Purifier

It is easy to remove and install the filters into the Winex C535 Air Purifier. The procedure is the same upon purchasing it or after having cleaned its three filters. First, open the cover in front of the device. Next, take out all the filters to clean or remove any wrapping or debris stuck on them. Finally, install the filters in the following order:

• HEPA true filter

• Carbon filter

• Pre-filter


What does HEPA reset mean on my air purifier?

It means that you should clean its filters immediately before resetting the light indicator.

Why is there a pre-filter and a HEPA-Type Filter?

A pre-filter is for larger particulate matter, and the HEPA-Type filter is for smaller particulate matter.

Where is the HEPA air purifier reset button?

It depends on the unit model. For example, some buttons are explicitly reset buttons, while others require other regular buttons such as a fan button.

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