How to Report Fake Amazon Reviews

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Updated October 27, 2022

If you purchase products from Amazon, you need to understand how to report fake reviews you see on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online marketplace on the planet. Therefore, the company can’t track all the products. Although the company has thousands of employees, reviews are the only way to know how other customers experience a product.


  • Amazon removed the option of consumers rating the helpfulness of a review from its website.
  • You can easily report a fake review by clicking on the “Report abuse” button located at the bottom of the Amazon website.
  • You can collect evidence about a fake review and email the information to Amazon’s customer care.

Amazon is also the largest single source of reviews across the internet. They have a functional review system that some users use to benefit themselves at the expense of others. With that picture in mind, you will find fake reviews on many products on Amazon. These fake reviews can lure you into purchasing a product that is below par. You may wonder whether this has to do with a sense of social belonging.

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If you purchase products from Amazon, you need to understand how to report fake amazon reviews.

How to Report a Fake Review

Amazon’s website used to have an option for customers to rate a review as unhelpful. But now, the only option available to customers to counter fake reviews is to report them as misleading. Let us go through the different options available for reporting fake Amazon reviews. Companies should also learn how to remove fake Google reviews from their business accounts.

Option 1: Use the Report Button on Amazon

  1. Open Amazon and browse for a product you desire.
  2. Scroll to the reviews at the bottom of the page.
  3. Identify a review that seems offensive and then click on “Report abuse.”

Although this option does not seem to offer much, it is an important step. Your report will escalate the reviewer to the eyes of Amazon, especially if more people do the same. Once Amazon notices the review, they will go through your report and determine whether the review is eligible for removal. If they remove the review, they can also ban the individual from posting any new reviews.

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If you have any suspicions about an Amazon review, shoot an email to [email protected]

Option 2: Shoot an Email to Amazon

If you have any suspicions about an Amazon review, shoot an email to [email protected] Ensure that you submit a compilation of all your evidence for Amazon to be curious about the case. For example, ensure that your report has direct links to the product and the review in question. In addition, take screenshots of other reviews from the reviewer that indicate suspicious activity.

Although Amazon may not provide you with a response about your report, be sure that they will track the inauthentic reviews and put an end to them. Why? Amazon has strict rules and penalties for those posting fraudulent reviews.

Option 3: Post a Review

There can be a scenario where you are a victim of purchasing a product that did not match the hype of a review. In this case, you could leave a review telling the truth to others looking to purchase the product. If many people disappointed by the purchase wrote a review, the reviews would eventually be noticed, stopping other consumers from purchasing the product.

Understandably, you might be emotional about the scam, but remember to keep your review civil and respectful. In addition, your post should follow Amazon guidelines.

Keep this in mind as you post about fake Tripadvisor reviews.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to get book reviews on Amazon, that’s an entirely different article.


What percentage of reviews on Amazon are fake?

According to the 2018 findings on Amazon, the category of products that recorded the highest rate of fraudulent reviews (64%) was the supplements category. Electronics was the second category with 61%.

Does Amazon submit fake reviews?

An Amazon spokesperson said bad actors are using social media platforms to sell items through false marketing, and positive and negative reviews. Unfortunately, this statement means that you can get inauthentic reviews even on Amazon Verified Purchase reviews.

Are fake Amazon reviews illegal?

Yes. It is illegal to post fake reviews. However, FTC hunts down these companies and takes legal action against them. But for some reason, they tend to get away.

STAT: According to Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center study, online product reviews can boost purchase rates by as much as 380%. (source)

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