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If you experience difficulty with your microwave, you may want to know how to replace a microwave door. The process for repair or replacement of the door on even the best microwaves seems more difficult than it is since only one of the steps truly relies on a steady hand and careful movement. However, replacing the door requires a substantial amount of time because of the large number of steps. If you have multiple repairs to do on your microwave, you may want to look into how to fix the turntable in a microwave, as well as how to replace the microwave turntable motor.


  • You need a screwdriver, putty knife, and flat surface to replace your microwave door.
  • Make sure to set aside 30-45 minutes for this process.
  • Be particularly careful when pulling the cover off the inner door.

Replacing the Door on Your Microwave

You can replace your microwave door using a flat-head screwdriver, putty knife, and a matching replacement part. While you go through replacing your microwave door, you may need to consider some safety issues. These issues include unplugging the device completely to avoid electrocution and removing the glass plate inside the microwave. Additionally, you should take extra care when separating the inner cover from the door because the clips holding them together break easily. If this article doesn’t help with your issue, check out what to do when your microwave fan turns on when the door opens. Alternatively, if you need to replace a fuse in a microwave, that’s another article entirely.

Insider Tip

You should always unplug your microwave and remove the glass turntable before performing repairs on your microwave.

Steps to Replace a Microwave Door

  1. Unplug your microwave. If you do not unplug your microwave before beginning repairs of any kind, you may shock yourself because of the microwave’s high voltage. Because of this aspect, ensure the microwave is fully unplugged before doing anything else.
  2. Open the microwave and remove your glass plate. Make sure to remove the plate before moving the microwave to avoid the risk of breaking it.
  3. Remove your microwave from its mounted position if you have a built-in microwave. This process becomes much harder if you try to replace your door while the microwave rests above you. To unmount it, you remove the mounting screws holding it in place.
  4. Use a work surface with enough room to swing the door open and closed as needed while removing and replacing. This step may seem obvious, but you may not be able to remove or replace the door if you lack the room to do so. Additionally, the work surface should be at about waist level.
  5. Carefully pry the edges of the microwave door apart. Most microwaves feature fragile clips that can be damaged as you perform this step. You only open this, so a small slit appears, and you can see the clips. These clips hold the door together, so you need to unclip them.
  6. Remove the cover panel and unscrew the bolts in the microwave door hinges. This step allows you to access and remove the hinge pins and mounting pins.
  7. Open the microwave as far as possible, and then loosen any bolts. By opening the door completely, you provide more space for yourself to work. Next, you may need to release the mounting pin with a screwdriver or wrench.
  8. Prop the door against the microwave while removing the mounting pins. This step may take multiple attempts before you can fully remove the door. After doing so, prop the new door against the microwave.
  9. Perform all of the steps in reverse except for the split in the interior door. You shouldn’t have to mess with the clips as much as you replace the cover. Next, reinstall the microwave in its mounting and add the glass plate.


It may be challenging to work on your microwave while it is mounted, so you should remove the mounting screws and place it on a flat surface.


How do I test for a faulty microwave door switch?

You can either use an ohmmeter or multimeter to test the door switch, but this method requires opening up your microwave more than normal. You may want to call a maintenance specialist if you think you have problems with your door switch.

Can you replace just the door on a microwave?

Yes, but make sure you buy the correct part with a matching part number to the product you already have.

Can you take a microwave door off?

You can, but you should not run it while the door is off. The microwave uses a seal to prevent the heat from escaping, and if you break the seal while in use, the microwave will not work properly.

STAT: Unplugging your microwave…is both a safety precaution and to un-tether it so the microwave can be moved. (source)