How to Replace Drone Propellers

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Updated February 10, 2023
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One of the main problems that plague even the best drones is propeller failure or damage. And although there are ways to avoid this, like knowing how to make an obstacle avoidance drone, many beginner drone pilots will experience broken propellers early on. So, in the event of any drone crashes, below, we’ll show you how to replace drone propellers.


  • Replacing a defective propeller is necessary for increasing flight safety and flight time.
  • When looking for a new set of propellers, make sure you look into the various propeller types and purchase a set that meets your flight needs and device specs.
  • For this, you’ll need a precision screwdriver (that should have come with your drone) to unscrew and install the new propellers.

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How to Install Drone Propellers

Knowing how to fix a drone that won’t fly comes down to a propeller issue. While the process will be slightly different between drone models, just as it is for how to fix a drone battery, there are some general rules and a few simple steps that we’ll show you.

Insider Tip

Manufacturers recommend changing all propellers when you find you need to change one propeller.

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STEP 1 Find Replacement Propellers

Some drone models will come with spare propellers. However, if you don’t have one with replacement propellers, you’ll have to find the same type of propellers online. Ensure you have the right specs, like the same propeller size and shape.


A drone can’t correctly lift itself when one of the drone propellers is cracked or broken, and this can cause extra stress on the motors and lead to further damage.

STEP 2 Remove the Old Propellers

  1. Using the original screwdriver that came with the drone when you purchased it, insert the tool into the screw hole and remove the screw.
  2. Take out the defective propeller and set it aside.

STEP 3 Install New Propeller

  1. Find the new security screw for the replacement propeller and place it into the installation hole.
  2. Twist the screw until it’s snug.
  3. Repeat steps two and three for each replacement blade.

STEP 4 Test the New Propeller

  1. Take your drone out and test that the flight feels correct. Doing this ensures safe flights and can help you avoid the risk of drone crashes.

STAT: According to drone manufacturers, you should change propellers every 200 flights. (source)


Can a drone fly with a broken propeller?

For a basic four-propeller drone, you can still potentially fly and have a safe landing using a propeller that is damaged but not completely broken. However, flying with a broken propeller is not recommended for flight safety.

When is it time to change my propeller?

It’s best not to let the propellers wear out until broken. If you notice any discoloration, odd noises, or misshapenness, you should consider a replacement.

How long does a drone propeller typically last?

The average propeller life is around 300 flight hours.

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