How to Replace an Above Range Microwave

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Updated February 12, 2023

Learning how to replace an above-range microwave (like the Sharp R1874T) can free up extra funds. After all, you’ll no longer have to hire an appliance repair expert to do the work. Changing this kitchen appliance is more complicated than replacing your countertop microwave, so be aware that you might need to call for backup.


  • Unlike a drawer microwave, above-range microwave installation happens in the upper cabinets rather than above your stove in a space between wall cabinets.
  • Ensure that you unplug the power cord before installing your range microwave oven, or you might end up injuring yourself.
  • Replacing a range microwave oven is far more complicated than replacing a countertop microwave, so don’t be afraid to call an appliance repair expert.

The best microwaves have lots of watts of power, a stainless steel finish, and entirely fit your needs. Do your research before investing in OTR microwave kits, just as you should for any kitchen appliance.

What are Above Range Microwaves?

Unlike a countertop microwave, these units sit above your stove either in a space between wall cabinets. They are generally held in place by a wall plate or similar equipment. You might also call them above stove microwaves since they provide an extra exhaust duct for your oven or even OTR microwaves.

While having a microwave fan cleaning the air is a huge perk, you might have some hesitation. If you’re wondering, “Why are microwaves dangerous?” then we have an article that will soothe every concern.

How to Replace Above Range Microwaves

Tools Needed: Power cord, toggle bolt, wall studs, stud locations, installation instructions, electrical outlet, wall plate, appliance repair expert (in some cases)

There are plenty of appliance installation tips out there. However, sometimes the best option is to call in an appliance repair expert. Replacing this unit isn’t the same as replacing a countertop microwave.

You’ll have to know the answer to questions such as, “How tall is an over-the-range microwave?” long before you start shopping for a great OTR convection microwave. Moreover, if you don’t know how to replace a microwave turntable motor, don’t be afraid to call an appliance repair expert if you need to.

Insider Tip

Make sure that your exhaust fan gets cleaned regularly, or if you have issues with your microwave oven.


Measure your existing microwave oven to see what size you’ll need to replace it. The type of microwaves you most likely own will be around 30 inches wide.


Clear your counter space of anything that might get in the way. You’ll want to be able to put the new microwave and the old microwave there during your appliance relocation.


Unplug the electrical cord attached to your current microwave. This is a crucial step since failing to unplug the electrical cord can result in electrocution.


From there, find the screw locations and remove them. This will detach the microwave from your upper cabinet. If you feel like you need to, cut power using the circuit breaker.


It’s now time for the microwave installation. First, check to make sure you have clearance space. From there, install any wall plate necessary in the upper cabinet using your toggle bolt and other provided tools.


Keep reading over the detailed instructions your new appliance came with. Position the new microwave and install it accordingly.


Turn your power back on once you plug the appliance in. Test-run your microwave to see if it worked. If not, you may want to call an appliance repair expert to look over your work.


Does my microwave need venting options?

Microwave vents are far more efficient for removing contaminants, and even more so if you have a charcoal microwave filter.

How do you clean a microwave grease filter?

A microwave grease filter can easily be cleaned, even if you’re nowhere near being an appliance repair expert. There are only a few steps in the process of cleaning a microwave grease filter.

Is a range convection microwave suitable for me?

Convection microwave cooking isn’t the right choice for everybody. However, for those with a heavy-duty kitchen appliance budget, convection microwave cooking is the ideal option.

STAT: In a survey taken from 2016 to 2017, 15.3% of respondents between 18 and 34 said they preferred GE brand microwaves. (source)

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