How to Repair Standing Desk Motor

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Updated August 30, 2022

If your Uplift standing desk stops moving, you want to find out how to repair a standing desk motor. However, the easiest way to solve many problems with the motor or other components in a standing desk is to reset the control panel for the best standing desk.


  • The standing desk motor often is not the root of a problem with a standing desk that won’t adjust its height.
  • You may need to reset your control box on your electric standing desk to continue to use it efficiently.
  • To reset a height-adjustable standing desk, you should have the standing desk and its cords.

Insider Tip

Make sure you sit or stand when you set your sitting and standing positions respectively.

The process for resetting your electric standing desk remains relatively simple. You should only need a few seconds unless you have other complications. For example, you may not need to know about resetting your standing desk’s height if you have passed the weight capacity of the desk, an important design feature that explains the maximum weight for the motor.

How to Fix Your Standing Desk Electric Motor

To fix the motor in an electric sit-stand desk, you should first diagnose the problem. For example, you could have a desk that became unplugged accidentally or lost power. Other common issues include something under the desk preventing it from moving, too much weight on the desk, uneven legs or an uneven surface, and tables automatically in the feature reset mode.

If you suspect that your desk was unplugged, you should consider learning how to wire manage a standing desk. Likewise, you could add a low-cost table nearby if you think your desk has exceeded the weight capacity as detailed in the electric standing desk instructions. However, there isn’t much you can do if your desk automatically goes into reset mode or is uneven. If you find that your desk has become uneven frequently, you should reach out to a service center for repairs listed in your electric standing desk instructions as it could be a deeper issue. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to avoid any electrical issues altogether, you might want to get a standing desk converter.


Press the down arrow on your control box. Your desk should start moving if connected to power and nothing blocks the downward path. You might have to press it a couple of times by design, but try unplugging the power cable for ten seconds if you’ve tried several times to adjust your electric standing desk.


Once the desk stops moving down, release the button. These two steps help it know where the base level of the table sits, allowing you to adjust the level of the table whenever you want to change positions.


Push the down arrow and hold it for a few seconds. For each electric standing desk, you only need to hold them for a few seconds for most standing desks. However, if you have an UPLIFT model, you need to hold it for 30 seconds before the table enters the reset mode. After that, the desk should move up and down to indicate that the settings have been reset. You may not see the table perform this action until you release the down button on some models.


Use the height-adjustable desk to set your desired sitting height. Sit while doing this step to ensure it is exactly where you want it. Remember to keep your feet flat on the floor and your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle with the table.


Set your preferred standing height. Again, you should stand while doing so because you won’t know precisely the right position without standing. The surface of your desk should sit at the same height as your elbows to prompt good posture. Make sure your keyboard sits on the desk or a keyboard tray at about the same level. Finally, position your monitor directly in front of you where the top of the screen matches your eye level. You may need to add a monitor riser to your table if you have reached the maximum height.


Enjoy your standing desk! If your desk still doesn’t move or rise, you should reach out to a qualified service center or repair center.


Your desk may not move if you have too much weight on top of it, so you should try to remove some of the heavier items.


How powerful are electric motors used in standing desks?

The average motor or motors in a standing desk must be strong enough to raise and lower about 150 pounds.

How do electric motorized standing desks or sit/stand desks work?

You set up your electric adjustable height standing desk to your preferences. Then, you can adjust the height by pressing the button to raise or lower the surface. Again, the motors do most of the work for these platforms.

Do they run on battery charges, or do they need to be plugged into an outlet?

Most standing desks must be plugged in. Any battery-powered model would still be heavy and most likely hard to move. Additionally, you would have to plug them in regularly to charge them.

STAT: Opting for the cheapest standing desk might get you standing sooner; however, issues with cheap standing desks are more likely to occur within the first 12 months. (source)

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