How to Repair a Blender Motor

Updated: May 27, 2023 12:56 PM
How to Repair a Blender Motor

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The kitchen blender is one of the staple cookware products of any functional kitchen. An excellent food blender can handle most ingredients and should remain active for years. That said, there are times when kitchen appliances act up. For example, if your blender motor shaft stops spinning or if the motor is going slow, you may think you’re out of luck. Fortunately, we can show you how to repair a blender motor.


  • A blender motor spins the blade shaft and blender blades of a kitchen blender.
  • If your blender motor stops working within the warranty period, use your product warranty.
  • You can repair most blender motors at home with a basic toolkit and manufacturer-supplied parts.

Tools Needed: Screwdriver and a new blender motor.

If you cannot use a warranty or find a repair person, you will need to fix it yourself. While the idea may sound complex, the entire process should only take about an hour. You will need a flat-head screwdriver and blender parts from your manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can find some essential blender parts at third-party shops or hardware stores. Now, before you start trying to repair a blender motor, it’s essential you know what you are doing and how blenders work. You don’t want to make things worse. For another maintenance guide that you can do yourself, read our article on how to sharpen blender blades.


Unplug your blender’s power cord and remove the blender container from the base of the unit. With the blender base on its side, unscrew any screws holding the bottom panel in place. Remove the board, and you should see the bottom of the motor.


Place your flat-head screwdriver in the head of the middle screw in the center of the bottom of the motor base. Hold the drive coupling in place while you unscrew this bottom screw so it doesn’t spin while you loosen the screw.


Depending on the model you have, there will be a different number of screws or nuts holding the motor in place. Unscrew these screws, and your motor should be free. In addition, there may be some wires screwed in place that juts out from the motor. Loosen these, and your motor should be completely free from the blender base.


To install a new motor, begin by reinstalling any wires that connect to the blender motor. Next, reseat the motor and follow our previous steps, but in reverse. Your blender should be good to go once the base plate is screwed back in. Finally, plug your blender in and test your work. Additionally, if your blender was very loud before, replacing the motor may solve that issue, if not, you can check out our guide on how to make a blender quieter.

When Shouldn’t I Repair My Blender Motor?

It’s usually ideal to repair what you own, but there are times when home blender motor repairs aren’t worth it. When possible, you should institute an exchange or a warranty claim. Remember that getting a replacement unit through a return or warranty claim only applies to the original owner.

Exchange the Blender at the Retailer

If your blender has motor issues out of the box, you shouldn’t repair the unit. Instead, take the blender in its original packaging, and return it to the retailer. You should get a replacement unit or your money back as long as you also have your receipt. One example where it makes sense to return a blender is if you bought a blender for crushing ice. A faulty motor will make it hard for you to do that, so you are better off exchanging it.

Use the Warranty

If your blender fails within the warranty period, you should institute a warranty claim. Your manufacturer should offer warranty service options as long as the policy covers your blender motor. Try to use your warranty before doing anything to your broken blender. Some unauthorized repairs void your warranty coverage.


How do I stop a blender from leaking?

You can stop a leaking blender by making sure your blender container is tight enough. For example, if the blender jar is entirely closed, you may need to change the rubber gasket seal.

How do I initiate a warranty claim on a blender?

Make sure you have the original proof of purchase and your blender model and serial number. Then, call your blender manufacturer’s customer service to take advantage of your warranty coverage.

Can a blender overheat?

Yes, a blender can overheat. Sometimes especially tough ingredients or internal issues can overheat the kitchen blender.

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