How to Remove the Spacebar from a Mechanical Keyboard

Updated: Feb 10, 2023 5:37 PM
how to remove spacebar mechanical keyboard

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The most used key on the keyboard is the space bar. As such, you’ll want to ensure it’s in good working order. The top keyboards come with spacebars with extra stabilization parts to ensure the key lasts a long and stays comfortable to use. But sometimes, you need to get underneath the keys to perform cleanings, so you’ll need to know how to remove the spacebar from a mechanical keyboard. After all, it’s a necessary part of knowing how to replace keyboard keys.


  • Because of the since and frequent use of the spacebar key, it is attached with an additional stabilizer bar.
  • Removing a chiclet spacebar key requires prying it out with a thin piece of metal or firm plastic.
  • To remove a raised spacebar key, you remove it by using key pullers to lift it up.

Because of these additional parts, you must be extra careful when removing them. So, below, we’ll show you how to remove the spacebar from a mechanical keyboard. Also, because Apple computers require a slightly different process, Mac users can check out our article covering how to remove Mac keyboard keys. And if you’re having problems with your keyboard keys not responding, check out our article explaining what is keyboard ghosting.

How to Take Off the Spacebar on a Mechanical Keyboard

There are two common types of keys, and depending on which you have, the process will be slightly different. Chiclet keys (commonly found on laptop keyboards) are held on by clips.

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Lubing your spacebar will give it a more distinct clicking sound, make it feel smoother, and can increase response time.

The other type is desktop keyboards with raised keys. You remove this type by it from its base, where the cap and retainer fit together like puzzle pieces. If you want to look in-depth at the different kinds of keyboard keys, you can explore our hand-wired keyboard guide.

Below, we’ll explain how to remove spacebars from both styles. And if you’ve finished and need more spacebar info, you can read our guide that explains how to fix the space bar on a keyboard. And for anyone whose device is glitching, we have something that describes how to reset a keyboard.

Chiclet Keyboards


Take a tool with a thin piece of metal or firm plastic (like a flathead screwdriver) and place it underneath the gap of the space bar.


Gently pry so that the clips become undone.


Once the spacebar keycap clips are undone, they will likely be attached by the metal wire underneath. This wire, which looks like an unraveled paper clip, is the stabilizer bar. To remove this, you’ll have to push the spacebar key to the side so that the metal wire slips out of the hole. Once the stabilizer is free on one side, the other side should come right out.


When removing the stabilizer bar, push the spacebar gently so you don’t bend the wire.

Desktop Keyboards


Use a keycap puller to remove the keycap.


Push the spacebar key to the side so that the metal bar comes out of the hole.


Remove the other end of the metal wire from the hole. Once you do this, you should have entirely removed the spacebar key from the key switch.

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How to Remove the Spacebar from a Keyboard FAQs

Can I mod my stabilizers?

The most popular way to do this is by applying lube to the stabilizer bar.

Why do people reverse their spacebar?

Some people say that reversing the spacebar is more comfortable and has a quicker response.

How do you reverse the spacebar?

Follow the directions above, turn it 180 degrees, reinsert the stabilizer bars, and press the key back into place.

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