How to Remove a Print from a 3D Printer

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Updated February 3, 2023

The best 3D printers are no longer a technology reserved for scientific and industrial purposes. Now, the best printers are affordable and available for use at home. And while there are many great options, every owner must understand how to remove a print from a 3D printer. Below, we’ll show you various removal methods to reduce the likelihood of damaging your object.


  • There are many ways to remove a 3D print object from the print bed: physical force, leverage, temperature treatment, and liquid dissolving solutions.
  • Many 3D printers have heated print beds, making object removal easier.
  • When applying pressure or leverage to remove an object, do so evenly and gently to avoid cracking or breaking the object or building plate.
  • You can use a solution of water/rubbing alcohol to dissolve the chemical bond between the object’s base and the build plate.

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How to Remove Prints from 3D Printer

Every 3D object is attached to a print bed. And depending on the type of printer, you may need to incorporate an adhesive to keep the print object in place throughout the layering process. Sometimes removing the print from the bed can be trickier than you’d think.

Insider Tip

If your 3D printer doesn’t have a heated bed, try using a hairdryer to get the bottom layers of the object to expand.

Of course, the goal is to get the print off the bed without causing any damage. To accomplish this, 3D printer owners must understand how they can safely get their objects off the bed.

Rember that there are many types of 3D printers. Therefore, some of these methods work better for specific 3D printers. However, the methods outlined below will work for any common 3D printer type.

Method 1 – Use Physical Pressure

This method is usually the first thing to try whenever you find an object that is stuck. Sometimes, if an object won’t come off, using your hands to lift, pull, or twist it off can be enough to detach it from the printer bed.

However, it’s essential to remember that using too much physical force can damage or break your printer or the object. So, especially if you’re dealing with a delicate or intricate print model, try a different way of extraction.

Method 2 – Heat or Cool the Print Bed

FDM printers often have a temperature-controlled bed that heats up during printing. The heat is meant to help with adhesion during the layering process, but sometimes the adhesion can be too strong.

However, applying some heat to the bed after the project is complete can help by causing the bottom layers of the object to expand. This expansion is sometimes necessary to get the object detached.

It’s important not to set the temperature too high when using this method, as it can melt the object too much and cause it to warp. As a general rule, don’t let the bed heat over 70 degrees celsius.

Cooling the bed works in a parallel fashion but in the exact opposite way. Cooling the bed causes the object’s particles to contract faster than the bed, increasing the likelihood of the item breaking away.

To cool the bed/object, you’ll need to detach the build plate. From there, you can get creative. For example, you could place the parts in your refrigerator or freezer, leave them outside if it’s chilly, or spray them with compressed air. However, remember that you can’t place the whole 3D printer in the fridge, as it may cause damage.

Method 3 – Use a Scraper, Spatula, or Flat Blade

If you have a tool that has a thin, leverageable surface, you can likely use it to remove a stuck object. First, slide the tool between the object and the bed, and try to wedge it to create leverage. Then, slowly pry to try to get the object to lift off.

It’s crucial to pry slowly, as doing it too quickly may result in cracking or breaking the object. Also, if your tool has a sharp edge, be careful not to scrape the print bed or the object.

For more even leverage, which reduces the likelihood of the object breaking, try using multiple tools around the object and prying simultaneously.

Method 4 – Use a Piece of Floss or String

Believe it or not, you can use a floss piece to remove an object from a 3D printer. It’s a great option if you have neither a heated print bed nor a good tool to pry with.


Failing to clean your build plate after use can cause adhesion issues and even cause warping to the next object you print.

Start by surrounding the base of the 3D print with the floss and move it in a sawing motion. Repeat the motion until the floss begins to move underneath the object. Eventually, it should work its way through and dislodge the object from the bed.

Method 5 – Dissolve the Print Bed

Lastly, you can use a liquid solution to weaken the base of the print object and get it to unlatch. Most recommend using 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol.

After creating the solution, place it near the base of the object. Then, you can either detach the build plate and place the entire thing in a tub or pour the solution directly onto the plate. Either way, make sure the solution is shallow enough so that it’s only touching the base.

Let the object sit in the solution for 15 minutes, then try to remove it or pry it off.

STAT: On average, printing a 3D object takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 12 hours. (source)

How to Remove Print from 3D Printer FAQs

Which material is the best for a 3D printer's build plate?

For providing adhesion, magnetic plates are often cited as the best. However, glass and metal plates also have their advantages.

What is the best way to clean a build plate after use?

The most effective way is to use isopropyl alcohol to scrub off the plate. After cleaning, double-check to ensure you removed all particles/debris.

How long should you let a 3D object col before removing?

Most will say you should wait 10 minutes before attempting to remove your 3D object.
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