How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Cover

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 11:49 AM
how to remove fan light cover

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If you are new to the world of cooling appliances, you may wonder how to remove a fan light cover. Ceiling fans tend to be some of the best fans, and these designs typically leave room for an integrated light fixture. So what are the various ways to dislodge a fan light cover? First, turn off the power, locate and unscrew the screws or release the clips securing it, and carefully lower the cover. After replacing the bulb, affix the cover back on with the screws and ensure it’s secure before letting it go.

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  • Removing a ceiling light cover is an essential step in replacing a fan’s light bulb or making necessary ceiling electrical repairs.
  • For globe covers with holding screws, climb up a ladder, hold the globe in one hand, and loosen the screws with the other.
  • For covers with integrated holding clips, climb up a ladder, remove the most flexible clip, and then the remaining clips.

Safety should always be a priority when removing a fan light cover. Before starting the job, make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment on hand, such as safety glasses, tools to handle power supplies, and any other items that may be required for the removal of the cover. It’s also important to identify what type of ceiling fan you are working with so that you can take the appropriate steps to remove it safely.

Why Remove a Fan Light Cover?

The biggest reasons to do this are to replace a light bulb or make the fan ready for repair procedures, such as when learning how to stop a fan from wobbling. In some cases, you may need to access the light cover when learning how to wire a ceiling fan. You will almost always have to access the light fixture when learning how to remove a ceiling fan.

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Dry mode is more energy efficient than other settings and can lower your energy costs.

How to Take Off a Fan Light Cover

This truly depends on the design and accessibility of your light cover.  If you have an exposed metal cover that may be difficult to access with screws, consider a decorative cover or a simple cover without screws. Always ensure the safety of your lighting fixtures by knowing what type of fixture you’ll be handling.

We will break the process down to common types of light covers, though this may not match your needs exactly. In all cases, however, you need a step ladder and another set of hands to hold onto the ladder as you work.

Globe Cover With Holding Screws

This is the most popular type of cover found with most fans, though modern designs have started to eschew the standard globe.

  1. Climb up the ladder to the globe. Make sure to get high enough that you can easily access the holding screws.
  2. Look just above the globe to the bottom of the light fixture for the holding screws. There should be three or four of these screws.
  3. Support the globe with one hand and loosen the screws with the other one.
  4. Eventually, you’ll feel the globe loosen in your hand. Hold on to it and bring it gently to the ground.

Cover With Holding Clips

These are available in many shapes, with the holding clips being the main commonality.

  1. Climb up your trusty ladder to the cover. Get high enough to reach any and all holding clips.
  2. These covers typically include three to four clips spaced around the perimeter.
  3. Look for the most flexible clip and slide it off.
  4. Remove the remaining clips, as they should have gained flexibility after removing the prior clip.
  5. Take down the cover.

Removing a fan light cover is not only necessary to replace the bulbs, but also provides an opportunity for cleaning and maintenance. This includes dusting off any dirt or debris that’s accumulated on top of the bowl cover, as well as inspecting it for any signs of wear and tear. Additionally, if your ceiling fan model needs updating, then removing the fan light cover can provide access to make those changes. So, keep these reasons in mind the next time you need to remove a ceiling fan light cover.

STAT: Over time, the glass cover may get wedged into the fitting due to small vibrations. It is necessary to remove the glass cover to either clean the glass or to replace the globes of the light. (source)

How to Remove a Fan Light Cover FAQs

How do I replace a light bulb in a ceiling fan?

Once the cover is removed, simply replace the light bulb as you normally would. Test it out via light switches and your circuit breaker.

How do I remove a ceiling fan?

Power off the fan via the circuit breaker, climb up to the ceiling joist, and then carefully remove each component, starting with the ceiling fan light cover.

How do I remove a no-screw bathroom light fixture?

This is a similar process to removing a ceiling light cover. Access the bathroom fan light cover, loosen the screws, and pull down the cover. Replace the bulb and then check for efficacy via light switches.

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