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From gaming to business conferences, the best webcams continue making their mark as vital pieces of modern gadgetry. And while live streaming is one of the most common webcam functions, many are interested in understanding how to record video with a webcam. Most computer operating systems allow users to record with their webcam easily; below, we will show you how.


  • Recording video via webcam is easy and doable in either Windows or Apple systems.
  • After opening the recording app, you can choose to use either the built-in webcam recorders or external devices.
  • For more technical features, users can download a third-party webcam recording app.

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Insider Tip

If you plan to edit your recorded videos, leave one or two seconds of silence before and after you start and finish speaking. Doing this makes the editing process more manageable.

How to Record a Video Using Webcam

Webcam video recording often uses the standard Windows and Mac computer camera apps. Capturing digital video requires only a few simple steps using an external or built-in webcam. However, for those looking for more creative options, you can try downloading a third-party application. Third-party applications can be helpful for things like figuring out how to record webcam and gameplay at the same time.

Lastly, once you’ve set up your video device for recording, a great way to achieve perfect video quality is knowing how to narrow the webcam view.

Recording With Windows OS

STEP 1 Open Your Privacy Settings

Open the START menu and click on settings. Once there, go into the privacy settings.

STEP 2 Set Camera Access Permissions

Click on the camera icon and then into “App Permissions.” From there, turn the toggle switches to ON for any app you want to give access to your camera.

STEP 3 Set Microphone Access Permissions

Return to the privacy settings and press the microphone icon. Again, make sure the microphone has access to the correct apps.

STEP 4 Open Camera App

Open the Windows camera app.

STEP 5 Press Record

On the right-hand side, press the record button.

STEP 6 Save the File

Once you are finished, press the record button to stop filming. Save the recording as a video file (usually .mp4).


Most built-in microphones are of poor quality. Anyone looking to produce better content should consider purchasing external microphones for recording.

Recording With Mac OS

STEP 1 Open QuickTime Player

Go to your Macbook’s applications folder and open QuickTime Player.

STEP 2 Start a New Movie Recording

Once QuickTime Player is open, press “File” to open up a dropdown menu. Press “New Movie Recording.”

STEP 3 Choose the Webcam and Microphone

Once the webcam recorder is open, enter the settings to choose a built-in or external webcam or microphone.

STEP 4 Press Record

Press the record button to begin filming.

STEP 5 Edit the Video

After ending the recording, you can edit from within the app before saving.

STEP 6 Save the File

After the video is fully edited, you can save the video file directly to your computer or export it to a platform of your choice, like Google Drive or YouTube.

STAT: The average laptop webcam is 720p. (source)

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How to Record Video With a Webcam FAQs

What can you do to increase the sound quality of video recorded with a webcam?

The best thing to do is purchase an external microphone tailored to your needs.

Is it possible for hackers to record you through your laptop camera?

Yes, hackers can access your camera and use it to record private information or personal data.

Can I disable my built-in microphone?

You must enter the system’s sound device manager to disable the built-in mic. From there, you can disable any mic, including the built-in one.