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How to Program Mouse Buttons

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If you are new to the world of modern computing, you may wonder how to program mouse buttons. Even the best computer mouse in the world may not ship with the exact features you want, and that is where programming comes in. So why learn to program mouse buttons, and what are the various ways to get it done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Programming mouse buttons let you adjust various extra button and scroll wheel parameters for gaming, working, and even surfing the web.
  • The easiest way to program extra mouse buttons, such as the left button or wheel button, is to download and install dedicated customization software from a company like Logitech.
  • You can also head into the system panels or the control panel to make manual adjustments to the button control and X-mouse button control.

Why Program Mouse Buttons?

The primary reason here is to allow the mouse to handle pre-programmed scripts if you have just learned the definition of a gaming mouse. These scripts could give you an edge when gaming if you are conducting that Tt eSports Volos gaming mouse review. Changing up the mouse buttons is also a good idea throughout the professional world if you are looking for a top-rated Corsair mouse.

Insider Tip

Dedicated customization programs let you save profiles and switch on the fly when needed.

Finally, reprogramming a mouse can solve certain maintenance issues if you are wondering why your computer mouse is lagging.

Programming Mouse Buttons

There are a few ways to program a mouse’s buttons, depending on what you want to get done and what operating system you are using.

Download Customization Software

Perhaps the easiest and most comprehensive way to change up the mouse buttons is to download and install dedicated customization software. This could be official software released by the mouse manufacturer or a suite created by a third-party entity. In the former case, it will be treated much like driver software, so be sure to update regularly. Also, many renowned manufacturers like Logitech make customization software that works with just about any mouse, not just Logitech models.

Head Into System Settings (or Control Panel)

If you lack access to dedicated customization software, there is always the old-fashioned method. Head into the system settings, for Macs, or the Control Panel, for Windows PCs. Look for mouse settings and then click on advanced settings. You now have access to all kinds of mouse-adjacent parameters, including the ability to switch out macros and scripts. This process is slightly more confusing than using dedicated software, but it gets the job done.

STAT: Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software provides default commands for all of the mouse buttons. You can reassign some buttons to different commands or keyboard shortcuts to better fit your work style. (source)

Check the Software

You can make changes on a software-to-software basis. For instance, check the settings of whatever game you are playing. They should allow you to adjust parameters regarding the mouse buttons. These adjustments only work for the software you are using, but sometimes this is for the best, as you can still do everything else without any complications.

Mouse Programming FAQs

How do you assign functions?

Assigning functions such as keyboard shortcuts to lead to a dialog box is best completed by using third-party tools.

How do you remap your extra buttons for optimal productivity?

This depends on your preferences but start by adjusting the button control and x-mouse button control to suit the app you are currently using. This changes what mouse clicks mean, even the middle button.

What mouse should you use?

This is totally up to you but look for a mouse with plenty of scroll wheel and button controls, including controls for any additional buttons. If you want more options, look for mouse wheels and a middle mouse button.

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