How to Oil an Air Conditioner Fan Motor

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Updated September 10, 2022

Providing basic air conditioner maintenance can feel intimidating, especially if you’ve invested in one of the best air conditioners out there. After all, there are multiple aspects to caring for your air conditioning unit. If you’re wondering how to oil an air conditioner motor fan, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll go over this much-needed part of maintenance for your AC.


  • Lubricating your AC is a basic maintenance task that should be performed when necessary, or you could shorten the unit’s lifespan.
  • The first step is opening up the AC’s condenser unit, where the fan motor is kept. From there, you want to open up the plugs and pour in your oil.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable performing this task yourself, you can call in a technician to do it for you.

How to Lubricate an Air Conditioner Fan Motor

You may not think so, but this task is absolutely crucial. It’s a large part of how you maintain a central air conditioner. Central air conditioning is an investment in your home, so treat it like one by giving it the longest life possible through preventative measures.

Insider Tip

If you notice any strange growths on your condenser unit, cleaning mold off of an AC is pretty easy.

If your air conditioning unit is shut down while you make repairs, you can get a little creative to beat the heat. For example, learning how to make an air conditioner with a fan might be handy.

This is a pretty easy job that most people can do themselves if they follow the directions we lay out today. However, some jobs might truly need professional assistance. For example, if you’re trying to learn how to fix an air conditioner fan motor, it’ll probably be easier just to hire somebody.

Lubricating Fan Motors


First, you’ll need to open up the cover over the condenser unit, where the condenser coil is stored. This can be done using a screwdriver. There are usually no more than ten screws holding the cover, so it should be reasonably straightforward.


Find the oil ports by turning over the cage assembly. They should be located on the top of the motor, but sometimes they’re on the bottom. You can also check your condenser fan motors to see if there’s excessive wear or tear on them.


Now, remove the plug covering each oil port you see. If you’re having trouble pulling out the plugs, try using your screwdriver to pry them off. From there, use a few drops of oil in each of the ports. Once the oil begins to spill out, you can stop. Wipe up any residue off of your air conditioner unit.


Now, you can reinstall the plugs that you pulled out. After this, you’ll spin the fan blades a little bit to allow the oil to disperse into the condenser fan motors. If you want to learn more about routine maintenance, knowing how to remove mold from air conditioner coils might come in handy.


Jobs like installing replacement motors need to be done by a professional to ensure your safety.

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How to Oil an Air Conditioner Fan Motor FAQs

How often should I change the air filter in my AC unit?

Dirty filters can cause a lot of problems in your system. Refer to the manufacturer to find out how often your specific unit will need the filters replaced and where you can buy new ones.

What happens if I need replacement motors?

If you need replacement motors for your AC, you need to call an HVAC tech to do this replacement for you. It’s tricky to install replacement motors if you don’t have experience in the field.

Why is my AC making a rattling noise?

There are several reasons your AC is making rattling sounds:

  • You haven’t performed regular maintenance
  • The AC system needs to be cleaned
  • There is a broken part inside of it
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