How to Measure Hand Size for Gaming Mouse

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Updated March 28, 2023
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Time Required 10 minutes
Tools Needed Ruler

All our belongings should be proportionate to our size; you wouldn’t buy a shoe two sizes bigger or smaller. Would you? No, of course not. The same goes for when buying the best computer mouse. In most cases, a wrongly sized mouse won’t be that noticeable, but with high-intensity usage, like gaming, the effects can be severe. Therefore, users must consider the size of their hands when looking for the best gaming mouse. So, below, we’ll explain how to measure hand size for a gaming mouse and get you on the path to the best possible setup.


  • Many computer owners use an incorrectly sized device, failing to realize that mice come in different sizes.
  • Using the wrong mouse size can cause undue hand and wrist pain.
  • To measure your hand, get the width and length, then compare it to a size chart recommended by mouse manufacturers.

There’s no shortage of things to consider to know how to use a gaming mouse to improve your gaming ability. For example, we have information on how to hold a gaming mouse.

Insider Tip

Certain types of mouse models promote ergonomics, like trackballs, trackpads, and vertical mice.

How to Measure Your Hand for a Gaming Mouse

Knowing how to make your mouse better for gaming starts with choosing the correct size. From there, you can worry about the sensitivity specs, RGB lighting, and all the other bells and whistles. But without the right size, you can’t be comfortable. And it can stunt the ability to game appropriately, limiting your ability to control the mouse.

Sizing your hand for a mouse is easy and can greatly improve the gaming experience. All you need is a tape measure or ruler to calculate the length and width of your hand. Once you have these measurements, you can know which mouse size is right for you.

It’s a general rule, but not universal, that a mouse should measure 60% of the hand’s length and width. So it’s important to keep this in mind when buying a mouse. However, the deciding factor should be personal preference. So how the mouse feels in your hand is more important than sticking to a rule.

STEP 1 Measure the Length of Your Hand

Use a tape measure or ruler and take down the measurement from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm.

STEP 2 Measure the Width of Your Hand

Measure the distance from one side of your palm to the other. Make sure to measure at the widest part, which includes the thumb.

STEP 3 Compare Your Hand Size to Mouse Size

Using the below chart, compare your measurements to see what size mouse is recommended:

Hand LengthHand Width
Small19.1 – 20.3 cm / 7.5-8 inches7. 5 – 8.5cm / 2.9 – 3.3 inches
Medium21.6 – 22.9 cm / 8.5–9 inches8.5 – 10cm / 3.3 – 3.9 inches
Large24.1 – 25.4 cm / 9.5–10 inches10 – 11cm / 3.9 – 4.3 inches


Gaming for extended periods increases the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

STAT: There are eight main styles of computer mice. (source)

How to Measure Hand Size for Gaming Mouse FAQs

What is the most comfortable mouse grip?

The palm grip is the most restful position. However, it’s often the least effective for gaming because it gives users the least control and a slower reaction time.

What happens if I get a mouse that’s the wrong size?

Sometimes you won’t notice. However, it can cause hand and wrist pain and even lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

How can I tell if my mouse is too big?

If you strain to press the mouse buttons or if your palm is riding too high, these are signs that the mouse is too large.
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