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How to Maximize Your iPhone 6 Battery

If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone battery life is no doubt important to you. The last thing you want is your phone to fail in the middle of a business project, or partway through an evening out. Here are the best tips on how to save iPhone battery power and help stave off the dreaded dead screen:

Tagging the Culprit Apps

Some apps on your iPhone 6 use far more energy than others. The iPhone 5s battery life was a little more inscrutable, because prior to iOS 8 it was tricky to find out which apps were the worst electricity hogs, but Apple now has a very easy way to see how much power your apps consume. Simple go to Settings, visit Usage in the General Section, and go to Battery Usage. Battery Usage will include a list of your apps, accompanied by a percentage of how much total battery life they are using. Find the optional apps that are consuming a lot of power and switch them off or delete them entirely to ease up on your battery.


Managing Details like Location Services

Location Services is an excellent example of an optional feature that will drain your iPhone battery like a vampire if you let it get out of control. The problem with any location-based services is that they need to check your location by pinging cell towers around you – often – and then update information accordingly, using up your battery life each time. Head to Settings and take a look at your Location Services. Disable location features for all apps that don’t absolutely need them, and think about disabling it for the rest, too. Do you need to have location identification up on Facebook? Probably not.


Putting your iPhone in the Comfort Zone

As Apple is quick to inform, the temperature of your iPhone will have a direct impact on how the battery performs. High temperatures are particularly dangerous, because they can permanently damage battery capacity and leave you with stunted battery life. Anything around or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit can cause these problems, so if you live in a hot climate try to make sure your iPhone is as cool as possible. Apple recommends taking off the case to help the phone stay cool if you are worried.


Living in a Streaming World

Sure, streaming is useful, but it can also hurt your battery life if you let your streaming options get out of control. This works in several different ways. When it comes to data plans vs. WiFi, always use WiFi, because it takes far less energy for your phone to connect. If possible avoid streaming music or videos on your phone, and only use those that are already on the hard drive. Turn off pushed emails and other notifications so they don’t constantly sap battery life while waiting for updates. Generally, the less streaming functions you use, the happier your battery will be.


Managing all that Screen Time

If your iPhone battery dies fast, take a look at your screen. A significant portion of a battery’s life is used to power your iPhone screen – and even more so for the large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus. Fortunately, it’s easy to adjust your display settings in the Display and Brightness section of Settings. Turn off auto-brightness – while it can help save battery life in some situations, it can also do more harm than good, especially in the evening. Then dim your screen as much as you can stand. This will help save battery life even if you can’t stop tapping your iPhone on through the day to check for messages.


Preparing for Long-Term Storage

If you have to store your iPhone 6 for a while without using it, make sure the battery is around half charge. Too much battery power, and the battery will sit there losing capacity over time. Too little battery power, and the battery will go into a deep discharge state, a coma from which it will never wake. The middle ground is important here.


Creating a Charging Schedule

Try to meet your iPhone 6 battery life halfway. Develop a charging schedule that ensures your battery will always have enough power. This could mean using a car charger in your morning commute, or charging your phone on the nightstand every night. Don’t worry about overcharging, though: The myth that this somehow damages the battery is, fortunately, just a myth.

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