How to Make a Webcam Wireless

Updated: Feb 10, 2023 2:39 PM
how to make webcam wireless

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As digital technology progresses, more and more devices take on wireless functionality. Today, many of the best webcams are wireless, freeing up port space and increasing work capacity. However, people are often unaware that turning a mobile phone or standard USB cable webcam into a wireless model is possible. So, for those looking to cut cords, keep reading as we explain how to make a webcam wireless.


  • Almost any webcam can be made wireless if you purchase a wireless USB hub and receivers for your camera and computer.
  • Ensure that the USB hub, computer, and webcam are compatible before beginning the setup process.
  • Turn a Smartphone into a webcam by downloading a third-party app to the phone and computer.

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How to Make a Wireless Webcam

Most USB-connected devices can become wireless by installing a wireless hub, downloading a software program, and plugging in receivers. Alternatively, downloading third-party software allows you to use your phone as a makeshift video communication device. Both options broadcast a signal over the wireless network instead of through the USB cable. We’ll explain how to do both of these below.

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Use a Wireless Reciever


Install the webcam software to your computer.


Ensure that your computer is connected to a wireless network.


Set up the wireless USB hub.


Plug the webcam’s USB cable into a wireless receiver. Then, set up your webcam.


Test the connection to ensure the wireless webcam function is working.


Many types of wireless webcam tech only run on specific operating systems. Before purchasing a wireless USB hub or any third-party apps/software, ensure they are compatible with your computer.

Use your Mobile Device


Research some video conferencing apps and select one that’s compatible with your phone and computer operating system.


After downloading the phone and desktop apps, establish the wireless connection. Then go to the app’s video conference settings and select your phone as the dedicated webcam.


Set your phone on a tripod to create a more stable video quality. Also, consider purchasing a ring light or microphone to enhance visual and audio quality.

STAT: Wireless hubs can support a video feed signal of up to 10 feet. (source)

How to Make a Webcam Wireless FAQs

Can you connect a Bluetooth webcam to a smartphone?

Bluetooth-to-smartphone connection is possible, but you’ll have to download a third-party app.

Do wireless webcams have better quality?

Many wireless webcams come with high-definition resolutions and deliver stunning video quality. However, wired connections are always more reliable for video streaming.

Is it possible to use a wireless security camera for a webcam?

As long as the security camera can connect to a computer, you should be able to use it for video calls.

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